What subunit makes up fat?

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Subunit that makes up fat?

The subunit that makes up fat is called triglyceride.

What is the subunit that makes up fat?

Amino acids

Name the subunit that makes up fats?

Triglyceride makes up fats.

Which subunit makes up a protein molecule?

amino acids

Number of glycerol subunits in a molecule of fat?

If the fat is a triglyceride, then it would have one glycerol molecule (subunit).

What is the subunit that makes up nucleic acids?

Nucleic acids are made up of nucleotides. Nucleotides are made up of a base, a sugar, and a phosphate group.

What are the 2 parts of a ribosome?

the large subunit and the small subunit; which are made up of rRNA and protein

If you have meter as a subunit for kilometer then what subunit you have for a mile?

Such that a kilometre is made up of 1000 metres, a mile is made up of 1760 yards.

What is the name of the subunit that makes nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA?

a nucleotide

What macromolecule makes up fat?


What fat that makes up the cell membrane?


What substance makes up genetic material?

genetic material is DNA, which is made up of nucleotides. a nucleotide is a subunit in a nucleic acid chain that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base. :)

What component makes up fat?

glycerol and fatty acids.

What is proteins subunit?

Amino acids make up proteins.

What makes up a large fat molecule?

a large fat molecule is made up of 2 things. these are called glycerol and fatty acids

What does food do?

makes you fat! makes you fat! ;D

What is the subunit of Decibel?

The bell is a large unit, so a subunit, a decibel, is usually used. There is no subunit of decibel.

How grasses benefits to the animal?

It Makes Them Fat and fills them up :L

What is the subunit of starch?

The subunit of starch is simple carbohydrate

What is the subunit of haemoglobin?

A subunit of haemoglobin is the Heme Group.

What molecule is made up of subunit called nucleotides?

nucleic acids

What are the two parts to a ribosome?

Large subunit and small subunit

What subunit of a ribosome has binding sites for tRNA?

The Small subunit

What is a subunit of a nucleic acid?

The subunit of a nucleic acid are nucleotides.

Kind of ribosome found in cells?

For a eukaryotic cell there is an 80s ribosome with a 60s subunit and a 40s subunit. In a prokaryotic cell there's a 70s ribosome with a 50s subunit and a 30s subunit.