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Check the back of bottles. If it doesn't say "Not tested on animals," chances are that they do. Look for organic or vegan sunblock. Although it may be more expensive, 99% of them do not.

2006-07-30 03:35:55
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What makeup is tested on animals?

Most make-up tells you if it has not been tested on animals. If it doesn't...then most likely it was tested on animals.

How many animal have been tested in Toronto?

About 2,000 animals have been tested in Toronto.

What are some face cream brands that haven't been tested on animals?

There are actually many face creams that haven't been tested on animals. Just to name a few, mary kay, avon, st.ives and almay have all not been tested on animals.

Is body shop products tested on animals?

-the whole mantra of the body shop is that their products have not been tested on animals.

How many animals are tested on per month?

There have been roughly 100 to 200 animals tested per month.

Has Methycloroisothiazolinone been tested on animals?


Has this product been tested on animals I prefer to purchase products that are cruelty-free.?

Freeze 24.7 Anti-Wrinkle cream has not been tested on animals.

Is lip liner made of animals?

We are not sure. There are many ads that say "not tested on animals" or "tested on animals". We know that all make up products or anything have been tested on animals. All make up products have been tested on animals but we're not sure if they're made from animals unless you include us humans and we are technically animals since we are mammals so yes?

What chocolates are tested on animals?

The chocolates that have been tested on animals are dark chocolates which contain flavanol. The flavanol is found in coca beans.

Can you use not tested on animals products on animals?

It will depend on the individual product. The two statements you are referencing are "Not tested on animals" and "For animal use". The phrase "not tested on animals" means the product was not tested for human safety on animals - it is a humane statement, not a statement of toxicity. The phrase "for animal use" means the product is intended for use on animals, but it may or may not have been tested on animals prior to marketing.

Has phenoxyethanol been tested on animals?

Yes, Dow Chemical has tested this preservative on rabbits and, perhaps, other animals. Check link for article.

Does anyone know if Avon perfume is animal tested?

No, Avon perfume is not tested on animals. Neither are the raw products used to make the perfumes. They have not been tested on animals since 1989.

How long have cosmetics been tested on animals?

Since 1931.

Are animals that have been tested on killed straight after use?


Is Sumatriptan suitable for vegans?

Sumatriptan has been tested on animals.

How would you know what products that have bear tested an animals?

Most products are tested on animals. Unless the product specifically identies that it has not been tested on animals (on the back of the product) then you can trust that it has. You can go to this website to check which comapnies do and don't test on animals:

What brands of mascara are not tested on animals?

* Mac and Estee Lauder. I forgot the others but there are a few mascara brands which are not tested on animals. * 'Beauty Without Cruelty' is a good brand (in the UK) for all types of makeup, including mascara, that has not been tested on animals.

Is Kerastas Shampoo tested on animals?

The claims of the manufactures of the Kerastese shampoo are that the product is never tested on animals. Even though there is advertisement that says the shampoo is just a big chemical mix of products that have never been tested on animals or people for that matter

What happens to the animals when they get tested on for products?

animals who have been tested with this product will of course suffer an illness. if the animal does not die to this case, they will be put down as they were brought up in side.

Has this product been tested on animals?

According to the Environmental Testing Group KMS products are not tested on animals. This would include the California Head Remedy Clarify range.

Are animals that have been tested ever released?

by law they are to be killed at the end of the experiment

What animals are been tested for cancer?

Dogs, cats, rats, mice, ferrets

Does bugler tobacco test on animals?

Natural American Spirit tobacco has never been and will never be tested on animals.

What happens after animals have been tested?

If the product passed the tests, it is released for sale. If not, it is redesigned. The animals are kept for a period of time to allow them to relax and rejuvenate before being tested on again.

Why shouldn't animals be tested?

ANSWER: Because it's not right to have animals in cages and poking them with materials that haven't been tested before. And that's wrong because they don't know what they are putting those animals through. And last testing animals is disgusting and stupid.