What supplies do you need for pe class?

You will need a P.E uniforms of course. You need a shirt that is black or white and a pants of black athletic shorts.You will also want a pair of socks and a pair of boxers briefs and a pair of boxers. Here a quick tip where black underwear because briefs can expose privates area. so no briefs. Only boxers. Here another tip if you don't want to wear black boxer briefs or if they scratch you or whatever reason don't where them at all. Just put on your pair of boxers and your ready to go. Sure you don't have anything under neath it to protect your private but no one will see. When it time for Physical Education go to your locker right away and change. Don't goof around. Open your locker with your combination you got at the beginning of the year.Take out your PE uniforms. Next take off both your shirts and pants and shoes.Make sure to wear something that is not hard to take off. Like shorts don't wear jeans wear something that is easy to remove. Make sure you can take off your shoes easily. Buy shoes that are easy to remove. Now the only thing on you should be your boxers and your socks. To everyone else you look completely naked but don't worry about that everyone else will be too. Lastly put on your PE shirts and shorts. Put your school clothes in your locker so they can't be stolen. Make sure your locker is secure properly or people will be able to open them this is how theft happen. At the end of class you will repeat this process. Remember you don't have all day. Hope this help. P.S One time i wore briefs to middle school everybody laugh at me.