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Door handles, not necessarily restroom doors.

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Q: What surface in school has the most germs?
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Where are the most germs in school?

classroom door knobs

What reduces germs on the surface but doesn't kill the germs?

Sanitation methods clan and reduce germs on the surface but do not kill the germs. That's why it is very important to read the labels on all your cleaning supplies, because on most of them they're two sets of directions one is for disinfecting (which will kill most germs) and the cleaning which doesn't kill any it just removes the dirt.

Where are most germs at school?

i will say in your locker or your teacher's pocket

Which surface has the most germs in your home?

I would say doorknobs and sink faucet handles.

Where are the most germs in your school?

classroom door knobs

Where are the common germs in your school?

Common germs in a school are most oftenly found on most used objects. Such as: door handles, textbooks, desks, and other places and things that lots of people touch throughout the day.

What is the difference between sanitation and sterilization?

sanitation is cleaning from most germs.. sanitation is completely eradicating the germs so there is nothing living on the surface of the sanitized area.

Where are the most germs in other places in your school?

Depending on what grade school you are in it can vary. In elementary germs are most likely to be present inside of the classrooms, In middle schools germs are mostly present inside of the bathroom saying as though they are still learning good hygiene. Lastly in most high schools, the lockerooms are considered the most dirtiest. Hope this helped someone :)

What do teenagers use rubbing alcohol for?

It is used as a disinfectant to get rid of most surface germs.

What has more germs a school or a restraunt?


Can freezing temperatures kill surface germs?


What chemicals do all germs have on their surface?

Dirty Ones