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All of the symbols used in chemical equations are up on the periodic table. I hope that helps.

Actually there are a number of additional symbols used besides those found on the periodic table. Some of these include:

(s) means the substance is in a solid state

(g) means the substance is in a gaseous state

(l) means the substance is in a liquid state

(aq) means the substance has been dissolved in an aqueus solution (which is to say, water)

→ means "yields" and is used to indicate the result of the reaction.

↔ means that the reaction is reversible

↑ indicates a change of state (into a gas)

↓ indicates a precipitate formed by a reaction

∆ (over the reaction arrow) indicates the application of heat to the reactants

In addition, other factors may be noted above the reaction arrow such as the specific temperature, the catalyst required, the pressure needed, the application if electricity etc.

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What are state symbols in a chemical equation-?

All of the symbols used in chemical equations are up on the periodic table.

What is the symbols for the silver and describe one use for each?

The chemical symbol of silver is Ag: chemical symbols are used in chemical formulae and equations.

Number to the left of element's symbols in a chemical equation that are used to balance the chemical equation?

The numbers to the left of the chemical symbols in an equation, which are used to balance chemical equations are called 'coefficients.'

Why are chemical formulas and chemical equations used?

Chemical formulas are used because they show the chemical make up of a substance. Chemical equations are used because it is much easier to use symbols as a shorthand way of describing and visualizing a chemical reaction, rather than writing it out in words.

What are state symbols used in chemical equations?

# (s) for solid# (l) for liquid# (g) for gas# (aq) for aqueous

What is chemical symbols used for?

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.

Why did chemist used symbols?

Question S/Be Why DO chemists use symbols?Symbols are used as a "shorthand" method of representing elements in chemical equations and formulae.(It is still current practice to use symbols and there is no hint in sight of any thing to replace the practice.)

How are abreviations and symbols alike in science?

Abreviations and symbols in science are both used as a shorthand system for frequently referenced concepts in writing. Symbols are used in mathematical equations to stand for constants or variables. As examples:In Chemical reactions: NaCl is table saltIn Chemical equations: 2H2 +O2 -> 2 H2OIn mathematical equations: E=MC^2In science literature: LSD is used in place of lysergic acid diethyl amideAs constants in physics equations: density is replaced by ρ (the lower case Greek letter rho)

What is an easier way to show chemical reactions by using symbols instead of words?

Writing a chemical reaction with symbols: Ex.: NaCl + AgNO3 = AgCl (s) + NaNO3 A mathematical (digital) system for the writing of chemical equations exist but it is rarely used.

Why are the chemical Symbols for the elements used?

They are a shorthand notation to all writing chemical equations without complete words and names. They are a way to make these things simpler to write.

What information does a chemical equation contain?

chemical equations use chemical formulas and other symbols instead of words to summarize a reaction.

What are the advantages of chemical equations?

Well chemical equations can help us understand how a certain substance is made and what combines with what to make it using symbol and word equations .It makes more understanding of the concepts through symbols.

What are symbols are used for chemical symbol?

The chemical symbols for the elements are on the periodic table.

What chemical symbols are used today?

there are lots of chemical symbols about 110 but they are only used for elements not compounds.

What do musical notations and chemical equations have in common?

They both use symbols insted of the real word.

What was algebra used for?

agebra was used to solve equations as well as using symbols

What uses symbols to show chemical reactions?

Symbols are used for the graphical representation of a chemical reaction.

How are chemical equations helpful?

Chemical equations are representative for chemical reactions.

How are compounds and formulas related?

All chemical compounds will have a chemical formula. For instance, the calcium chloride has formula CaCl2. Elements, on the other hand, have chemical symbols. Chemical reactions can be represented by chemical equations.

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