What synonym for handle starts with the letter l?

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Label is a synonym for handle (name).

When can you start handling baby rats?

Answer . If the mother is trustful, a few days after they're born. This is for the best because you're socializing them as soon as possible, they'll make great pets =3

What synonym starting with the letter k?

Keep informed is a synonym for keep an eye on. Keep cool is asynonym for keep a stiff upper lip. Keep secret is a synonym forkeep back or keep from. Know-how is a synonym for knowledge.

What antonym and synonym words that starts with the letter n?

i hate this new way of delivering answers by wiki.answers.com. uneed to click arrows lot of times and also it is also not suitablefor copy paste. i liked this website earlier but now its irritating.. anyway, *noisy-quiet *now-then *new-old *narrow- wide *near-distant

What are synonyms of started?

Began, commenced. Forget that joker who told you to do it yourself. The internet is as valid a resource for research as any other. I googled this very question myself and although i cant quite grasp the word im looking for, maybe these might help you initiated began embarked commenced i ( Full Answer )

What game that starts with the letter l?

Liero is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Liero is a one and two person split-screen game where two worms select from over 30 weapons and blast the snot out of each other while collecting new weapons and trying to stay alive. Either you can play against an AI or play with a friend. TE ( Full Answer )

Objects that start with the letter l?

Just to name a few lava, lamp, liquid, lobster, lock the list goes on and on so this is really a question with no complete answer.

Synonym for start?

there could be different answers depending on the type of start like noun, verb, etc. for the noun: beginning, opening, origin; advantage; scare, flinch, shock for the verb: begin, activate, create; startle and more...

What starts with the letter L?

Locusts . Loudness . Lemon . Lamp . Love . Limbo . Light . Lips . Lollipop . Lizard . Limp . Lily . Limburger . Lazy . Life . Loop . Lock . Lisp . Low . Lady . Letter . Lasso . Link . Lunatic . Like . Listen . Leg . Little . Large . Lunar . Lard . Lucky . List . Lett ( Full Answer )

What is a synonym for understand that starts with the letter c?

If you are Cognicent of some thing you recognise it. I think it's similar to.... Answer . To Comprehend, linguisticly, a more exact word. Under- standing indicates less than , or under; full comprehension. Its a matter of The Word being "god" [John 1:1], words can't lie.

What is a synonym for check out that starts with s?

To check out in a store could be scan (barcodes) or settle (pay). To "check out" (investigate) something could be to study or to survey . To check out (leave work) could be to sign out .

What place starts with the letter L?

Lesotho Lexumbourg London Louisiana Laos Liberia Lybia Places that start with the letter L: Lalaboug (India) . Lafayette, Indiana (USA) . Lafayette, Louisiana (USA) . Laconia, New Hampshire (USA) . Lagos, former capital of Nigera . Lake Tahoe, Nevada (USA) . Lampoc, California (USA) . Lancas ( Full Answer )

Examples of synonyms starting with letter I?

What word do you need a synonym of? Synonym means 'word of same meaning', so you need to specify the original word before anyone can think of a synonym beginning with 'I'.

Synonyms for horrible starting with l?

Icky, imposing, impressive, intimidating, immoral, infamous, infernal, impetuous, infuriated, intense, insufferable, invidious, impure, immense, iniquitous, intolerable.

When should you start to handle your foal?

You should be touching and handling it all the time, so it gets used to human interaction. However, you shouldn't start to ride it for at least a few years.

How do you start to handle a hamster?

To start training a hamster to be "hand-tame", first lay out your palm and see if he/she will climb on willingly. If that doesnt work, try putting a few small pieces of his/her favorite food and trying again. If it still doesnt work, you can gently pick him or her up using your index finger and thum ( Full Answer )

What is a synonym for vat starting with T?

One option is tank. Example sentences: Her job at the factory is to fill the vat with oil. Her job at the factory is to fill the tank with oil.

What island starts with the letter L?

Lesbos (Greece) . Leyte (Philippines) . Lombok (Indonesia) . Long Island (New York State, USA) . Luzon (Philippines)

What is a synonym for handle?

If you mean handle, as in "I can handle this," you could use able to do this, or maybe control, or withstand. For handle as in "My bike handle is slippery because of the recent rain," the only thing I can think of is to say monkey bars, even though that's slang for only a certain type of handlebars. ( Full Answer )

What is a disease that starts with the letter L?

laryngitis . laryngeal cancer . lazy eye . lead poisoning . Legionnaire's Disease . Leishmaniasis . Leprosy . liver cancer . Lou Gehrig's Disease . Loiasis . Lupus . leukemia . lung cancer . Lymphoma . Lyme's Disease

What name starts with letter L?

· Lacey · Laura · Lauren · Lea · Lena · Leslie · Lilly · Linda · Lindsey · Lisa · Lola · Loren · Loretta · Lucy · Lydia

Why do handles start to rust when the paint is scratched?

The paint protects the metal of the handle from the elements. when the handle is scratched, the metal is exposed and is subsequently oxidized by direct exposure to water or the moisture in the air.

What characteristics start with letter l?

· lackadaisical · lazy · likeable · lively · lonely · loud · loveable · lovely · loving · loyal · lucky · lying

What is a synonym of to lift that starts with h?

The phrase "to lift" means to pick something up. There are several different words that can be substituted for it. Synonyms for it that begins with the letter "H" would be heave, heft, hike, and hoist.

Are there synonyms for quick that start with the letter A?

Yes, there are synonyms for quick beginning with the letter A. . Agile : able to move quickly and easily. . Astute : keen and quick in understanding and judgment. . Adroit : clever, skillful or quick in using the hands or mind. . Alert : quick to notice and act. . Active : always doi ( Full Answer )