What tactics do totalitarian dictators use to gain and keep power?

Dictators will always do the following:

1) CONTROL THE PRESS (MEDIA): They don't want the people to know what is going on outside their borders, and the people get the government's spin on all matters. Control the press (and media), control the minds of the people.

2) SEIZE THE INTELLIGENCIA: The intellectually elite will share ideas, and dictatorships hate a thinking people.

3) SECRET POLICE: The Secret Police are the key to a dictatorship. They are the ones who keep the local people affraid, who will cultivate the neighborhood spies who report on those speaking out against the government. The Secret Police will then make a show of arresting the subversive, which will make others think twice about speaking out aganist the government.

4) MILITARY BUY IN: Without the "Buy In" of the Military, a dictatorship is doomed. The dictator must keep them happy and make sure they will enforce then dictator's policies, as well as brutally put down any revolts. The Military can't have a consious, but follwo their leadership's orders.