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Liturgy of the Word - readings from the Old Testament and New Testament and Gospel. The priest explains the messages from these readings so that everyone understands better the Word of God. Liturgy of the Eucharist - when the bread and wine are consecrated and become the body and blood of Jesus. We all share in the prayer and blessing, reenacting the last supper of Jesus, where he reveals himself as the perfect sacrifice.

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What are the main parts of a plant where photosynthesis takes place?

the stem, roots , and leaves

What are the three main parts of a setting?

Setting is the place, the time, and the social environment in which a story takes place.

What is the setting of Murder in the Cathedral?

It takes place in the main hall of the Canterbury Cathedral. Though during different dates.

Who is the antagonist in fiddler on the roof?

The main antoagonist is the Russian governemnt/soldiers. The play takes place during the Russian revolution.

When does the stone fox race takes place?

The race takes place at Jackson street and main street

During what years does the main setting of the sound of music take place?

The story takes place in 1938, the year of the Anschluss when Austria became part of Nazi Germany

What are the main parts of photosnythesis?

The main parts of photosynthesis is the fact that plants are getting their food and nutrients from the sun. Another important process through photosynthesis is that the process takes place inside the cells in the plant in the chloroplast which gives the plant its greenish color

What is setting in reading?

The setting is the main time and/or place the story takes place in.

What is the main process that takes place in the sun?

nuclear fusion

Where does the Consecration take place in the Catholic Church?

The consecration takes place on the main altar of the church.

What is the main difference between weathering and erosion?

Weathering is a process that involves breaking up of rocks into smaller parts while erosion refers to the movement of soil from one place to another. The main difference between these two processes is that erosion takes place within a short period of time while weathering takes a longer period of time.

Is conflicts between main and subordinate characters part of the setting?

No. The setting tells where the story takes place and the time in history that the story takes place.

What are the two main parts of a place value chart?

Thousands and Units

What are the main characteristics of facilitated diffusion?

It takes place with the help of a carrier protein.

What prcess takes place inside chloroplasts?

Photosynthesis is the main purpose.Photorespiration and protein synthesis also take place.

Where is the main setting in taken by Edward Bloor?

It takes place in Florida in the year 2035.

Can you attack after a special summon?

Yes as long as the special summon takes place before or during the battle phase. If you special summon in main phase 2 then that monster can't attack.

What parts hold the crankshaft in the block of an engine?

The main bearing caps hold it in place.

What is occurring in a cell during interpahse?

The cells begin to divide into two main parts.

What is main party of biology?

the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy the main parts of biology is botany and zoolagy

What type of cells does photosynthesis take place in?

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are main found in the mesophyll cells in the leaves.

What is the main organ of the digestive system?

Small intestines is the organ where most of the digestion takes place.

What organelle is used for cellular respiration?

Main one is mitochondria. But glycolisis takes place in cytoplasm

Whats the site of aerobic respiration?

Mitochondria are the main sites. But glycolisis takes place in cytoplasm

What is an acrogen?

An acrogen is a flowerless plant whose growth takes place at the tip of the main stem.