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Q: What tank design did the Germans have from the Poland?
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How many people speak German in Poland?

Germans are in a minority in Poland. There are about 148,000 Germans in Poland. But German population is decreasing in Poland.

What was the war called when France and England declared war on Germany after the attack of Poland Tank war Trench war Phony war Polish war?

It was known as the Phoney War when the Germans were still invading Poland; it effectively ended with Operation Weserbung where the Germans invaded Denmark and Norway.

The Germans first successfully use the blitzkrieg in an attack on?


What country fell to the germans?


When was poland invaded by the germans?


Where Did The Germans Occupied First?


Was Poland occupied by the natiz?

Western Poland was occupied by the Germans and Eastern Poland by the Soviet Union.

Why was Poland attacked?

Poland was attacked by Germans because they wanted to take over.

In a major soviet offense in 1945 the Germans were removed from?

Warsaw, Poland

Did the Germans invade Poland in 1938?

No, it was in 1939.

When did Poland get involved in World War 2?

Poland got involved with WW2, when the Germans invaded Poland on September 1939.

Where is charbrow Germany?

It was Poland before Germany settled Germans there. It was returned to Poland after WW11. It is now Charbrow/Charbrowo Poland.