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Some Native American tribes use a bear's paw tattoo/drawing as a symbol of strength and courage.

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What tattoo symbolises strengh?

the bull tattoo is the symbol of is also the tattoo for power, resurrection, masculinity, ferility, impulsiveness etc.

What do Samoan pe'a symbolize?

Pe'a or tatau symbolises a male's courage and bravery, likewise a female's malu. Malu is the female tattoo.

What does the Singapore lion head stands for?

The lion head symbolises courage, strength and excellence, as well as resilience in the face of challenges.

What tattoo represents protection?

Several tattoo designs represent protection. A lion is for strength courage and protection. There are religious and tribal tattoos that represent protection as well. The tattoo for protection depends on ones beliefs.

What is a tattoo design for strength that doesn't involve Japanese symbols etc for a girl?

The traditional tattoo for strength, courage and sexiness is the black panther. The best placement for it on a woman I have seen, was on a calf from ankle to knee. It was devastating in high heels.

What does a dragon tattoo symbolize?

A dragon tattoo symbolizes strength, courage and beauty. Even though dragons are seen as quite fierce creatures they are strong and fearless, beautiful and colourful.

What tattoo symbolises hope?

Hope is symbolized by the anchor tattoo. This tattoo is popular with sailors and it represents hope for the boat to return after leaving land.

Is there a meaning to a dagger snake and rose tattoo?

it symbolises temptation, .. vices..

How do you write strength and courage in Hebrew?

strength = ko'ach (כוח) courage = omets (אומץ) strength and courage = koach ve'omets (כוח ואומץ)

What are the words for strength and courage for life in German?

Strength = Kraft Courage = Mut

What tattoo symbolises hero?

There are many tattoo's that can symbolize a hero. This type of tattoo will probably be a tattoo of a person. A hero tattoo is going to be someone that the person looks up to as their hero.

What does a bear paw print tattoo symbolize?

A bear paw print tattoo symbolizes the following: The wisdom to hear The strength to listen The courage to follow your inner voice Also, A Bear Tattoo can also symbolise a connection with the 'bear' subculture. A subculture within the gay community that emphasises masculinity, strength and naturalness.

What does a praying mantis tattoo mean?

it symbolises you have a destructive nature or shows you have patients.

What does does Chris Brown tattoo symphonic love mean?

it symbolises his love for music

What tattoo symbolises forgiveness?

The tree of life tattoo, along with representing immortality, can symbolize forgiveness as well. A tattoo of an oak tree can also signify forgiveness.

What is the symbol for strength and courage?

The bull and the lion are both symbols of strength. The griffin is a symbol of both strength and courage.

What is the meaning of the triangle in Christianity?

It symbolises the trinity its power and strength

What tattoo best symbolizes courage and wisdom?

One that says courage or wisdom.

What tattoo means strength?

A buffalo tattoo or a strong arm tattoo

What does a dagger and dragon symbolize?

A dagger and dragon tattoo can symbolize several different things. It can symbolize courage, strength, or perseverance for example. Tattoos are very personal, and each person has their own beliefs as to what their specific tattoo symbolizes.

What does a ruby tattoo symbolise?

ii tink a ruby tattoo symbolises dat their name iz ruby bd dat der color iz red

What does a blue koi tattoo symbolise?

Koi symbolize strength and courage. Black Koi, the father; Orange/Red, the mother; Blue/White for a boy; and red/pink for a girl.

What does a ship wheel tattoo mean?

A ship wheel tattoo symbolises a constant change of direction in life and suggests that the person with the tattoo is in control but is still searching for where they would like to drop anchor and settle down.

What does a foo dog tattoo symbolize?

Protection, strong, and courage

What does the direction of a koi fish mean in tattooing?

Well koi fish symbolise strength and courage, and the legend and myth behind the koi fish is that it swims upstream to turn into a dragon. The Dragon symbolises the end of a journey and overcoming the obstacle you faced. Therefore a Koi swimming upstream symbolises faceing a problem and being on a quest to put an end to it. A Koi swimming downstream symbolises that it has allready overcome the problem, people often get this to symbolise the end of an ordeal.