What tattoos symbolize hope?

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A Star Tatoo symbolize hope.

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Q: What tattoos symbolize hope?
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What kind of tattoos symbolize perseverance?

A lightning bolt can symbolize it .

Do sparrow tattoos symbolize hope?

Historically, in the days of large sailing vessels, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo for every 50,000 nautical miles they traveled. They have never been known to symbolize hope but today they can symbolize anything.

What tattoos symbolize the past present and future?

Triangle tattoos are often utilized to symbolize the past, present and future. The same is true of butterfly and dragonfly tattoos.

What do star tattoos symbolize?


What do feather tattoos symbolize?

Feather tattoos can symbolize a great many things like dreams. Feathers can also symbolize things in nature that are important to you like animals.

What tattoos symbolize 'accomplishment'?

i accomplished something in my life and i want a tatoo to symbolize that.

What does a green star tattoo symbolize?

A green star tattoo is known to symbolize honor, achievement, hope, divinity, and intuition. These types of tattoos are commonly called nautical stars.

What do pirate tattoos symbolize?

freedom or stealing stuff

What are some tattoos that symbolize new beginning?

A Butterfly

What tattoos symbolize new beginnings?

The phoenix is one of the most common "new beginning" tattoos.

What tattoos symbolize perserverance?

The Koi fish is used as a symbol of perseverance for tattoos. Turtles are also great for tattoos that mean perseverance.

What tattoos symbolize loyalty?

There are quite a number of tattoos that symbolize loyalty. Some of the common ones include the crane, doves, swallows, sunflowers and so many more.

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