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Q: What te of reaction is fe304 4H2 4H20 3fe?
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What are some chemical bonding questions?

2Ag20 --> 4Ag + 02 Fe304 + 4H2 --> 4H20 + CuCl2

How do you balance the folowing equation Fe H20 --Fe3O4 H2?

Fe3O4 is the mineral magnetite, with aproper chemical name of Fe(II, III) oxide. it exhibits ferrimagnetism. It has iron atoms as FeII and FeIII. An old way of writing it was FeO.Fe2O3 The balanced equation for production from the elements is :- 3Fe + 2O2 -> Fe3O4 Commercially it is made by for example redung Fe2O3 with CO 3Fe2O3 + CO = 2Fe3O4 +CO2

What is the chemical equation for the reaction Cl2 and hexene?

C6H12 + Cl2 --> C6H12Cl2

What does the big 4 in 4H2 means?

The 4 in 4H2 stand for "4" molecules in that equation, unless specified as being moles.

What is the oval white pill with 4H2 on it?

white oval with a 4I

Which elements form a water molecule and what is the proportions?

O2 +4H2--> 2H2O

How do you balance the equation for CH4 O2 yield CO2 H2O?

Assuming complete combustion: CH4 + 2O2 --> 2H2O + CO2.

What is the balanced equation for hydrogen plus nitrogen equals nitrogen tetrahydride?

4H2 + N2 --> 2H4N+

What is the chemical equation for iron burning in oxygen?

4 Fe+ 3O2 + 6 H2O 4 Fe(OH)3 2 Fe2O3 + (x)H2OThis means that water doesn't actually react, but is necessary to perform the reaction and comes out as it is.

How do you balance this equation 4H2 2C?

2C+2H4=2CH4(instead of 'equal to' use 'arrow sign').

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.whats the water?

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is a product of the reaction.

Are these balanced co2 plus 4h2 equals ch4 plus 2h20?

Yes. Except that the word is equals, not eqauls.