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What technologies have been developed in India?


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Maths and the concept of zero by Aryabhatta


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Some work has been done on this aspect at IIT, Kharagpur, India. The technology the institute has put in its website under the technologies available for commercialisation.

The current CEO and Managing Director of Infosys Technologies (located in India) is S.D. Shibulal. He has been there since 1981.

Micro Technologies - India - Ltd was created in 1992.

The modern BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile like technology has been developed by India in collaboration with Russia.

The same sort of technologies as are used in most developed countries.

yes india is a under developed countryMore information India has been considered a developing country for some time. According to the World Bank's new descriptions of economies, India is called a "lower-middle income country/South Asia".

The services developed by Sentinel Technologies are cloud based services, data management, and physical solutions. Their main product for consumers are servers.

Sure you can. Infosys technologies is the 2nd largest software company in India and has been in existence for over 25 years. They have been a market leader all along and have been posting consistent profits year after year. The price of an Infosys technologies share is around 3000 rupees at the time of this answer and the market analysts in India are expecting this to go up even further.

If India had not been invaded by British it would have not been industrialized. It anyway would have been captured by some other country. it Would have not been developed. Pakistan and India would not have separated and there might have been no terrorism and INDIA might be still rich.

India is not a developed country but it is a rapidly developing country.

Maharashtra is the most developed state of India

Tamil Nadu is the most developed state in the country of India. Goa, Kerala is also a developed state in India.

Developed countries are countries with more developed technologies and economy. Since the United States fits this description, it is a developed country.

they developed a complex understanding of astronomy.

Andra Prathes is the least developed state in india.

Indus script is the writing system that was developed in India.

Because INDIA is most depended on manpower & AUSTRALIA is depended on technologies & they know technique of development. India's development is back because of high poverty rate. Most of people r uneducated in INDIA & some r unemployed.

The Internet was originally developed for DARPA, a group interested in the further advancement in computer and defense technologies.

It was the print and press and many more.

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