What technology is used for the animation on anime?


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Most people use computers to create the animations.

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Animation Technology is a technology used in making animation to improve the traditional.

'Anime' is the Japanese abbreviation of animation .Anime is the Japanese abbreviation for animation.

Nothing. Anime is animation, it's simply the name given to the style of Animation produced in Japan.

Yes. The term "anime" is short for animation in Japan, and this includes Western animation, where as conversely Westerners only associate "anime" as solely Japanese animation.

Anime is short for animation.

Anime is short for animation.

Anime started in early 20th century in Japan when the Japanese experimented on animation techniques. The Japanese used animation to show live-action storylines. By 1970s, manga (Japanese comics) were getting popular and anime production companies decided to turn them into live-action animation, thus creating anime.

Anime is the correct name for manga animation.

Anime is made by Japanese animation companies .

umm, animation? it's originated from japan? The word "anime" is Japanese for the English "animation". Anime is the Japanese equivalent of cartoons, so it is fitting.

Anime - Japanese animated series/moive. Animation - any animated series/movie

Computer animation makes the animation process faster than cell animation.

Saburo Yatsude (A pseudonym used by the Toei Animation Studio) .

Computers are used to animate. Also flash player is used.

Yes, anime is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of animation.

No, it is an American show that has animation that is based on anime.

An anime is any form of animation that comes from Japan. It's as simple as that. It doesn't matter if it falls under the common style that we regard as anime or not, as long as it's an animation that comes from Japan, it is an anime.

The word anime is an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of "animation"

Anime is the English name for the style of art and animation styles developed by (but no longer exclusively produced by) the Japanese : the word "anime" is just the Japanese word for animation .

A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes. [Japanese, short for animēshon, animation, from English] P.S. Anime rox! 4ever!!:):):):) ANIME RULES!

Anime (アニメ) is a Japanese word for Japanese animation.

It can be either one or both. Anime is simply a style of animation.

animation technique to me sounds like another way of saying "how you animate" and animation technology sounds like "what you use to animate"

Animation anime manga ( its those Japanese cartoons) 8)Animation .

== == American AnimationFinding NemoJapanese Animation: Akira

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