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Q: What temperature does a coyote need to survive?
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What does a coyote need to survive in an ecosystem?

Every animals has basic needs to survive in an ecosystem. A coyote needs food, shelter and water to survive in an ecosystem.

What temperature does typhus need to survive?

It needs the human bodies temperature to survive.

What temperature does the okapi need to survive?


What kind of temperature do ospreys need to survive in?

warmer temperatures

How does the coyote animal survive in the desert?

Other animals that live in the desert, such as rodents, survive by eating plants that hold water. The coyote survives by eating these mammals and rodents, occasionally finding a straying emu or buffalo.

What do plants need?

Plant's will need water, sunlight, soil, temperature, atmosphere and mineral nutrients to survive

Do the organism need any special adaptation to survive?

They need oxygen, nutrients, and the ability to adjust to temperature change.

What do viruses need to survive and reproduce?

They need the right temperature and moisture to grow and the right type of host cell.

How does a coyote find water and how much does it need?

A coyote finds water with its nose.

What does a rose need to survive?

What a rose needs to survive is water, good soil, sun and the average temperature o about 20 Celsius to 30.

What temperature range does an apple snail need to survive?

An apple snails needs a temperature range from anywhere from 69 to 80 degrees.

What abiotic factors do toucans need to survive?

I think it's Temperature, water and soil

What temperatures do ants need to survive?

What I've heard is that ants need to stay in a temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you need a license to hunt coyote?

no, you do not need a license to hunt coyote. they are pests, there for they shall be hunted freely any time anyware

How do coyotes maintain its body temperature?

the coyote uses its toung.

What thing does a body need to survive?

the essential things the body needs to survive are water, food, and stay warm, but not oo warm, a standard temperature

Do you need a deer license to hunt coyote during deer season?

Do you need a deer licence to hunt coyote during a deer season?

What is the temperature of a coyote's habitat?

The coyote is a very adaptable canid, living in climates as cold as Alaska, to deserts as hot as around 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are some songs from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack?

Coyote Ugly has some interesting songs on its sound track. These include I Will Survive, But I Do Love You, That's Me, The Power and a song called Wherever You Go.

How does a desert coyote survive?

it rests at day that's when its hot but at night when its cooler it is up at night

What movie is the song need you tonight in?

Coyote Ugly

What do you need to survive on planet earth?

food, water, air, warmth, the temperature(warmth), shelter, and vitamins.

What temperature does a eel need too survive?


What kind of heat do Venus Flytraps need?

Preferably the upper 80s or 90s, but they can survive at room temperature.

What things in an ecosystem do all living organism need in order to survive?

energy and nutrients and good temperature