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It is always ride a motorcycle.......becoz that's the way it is .....v drive car....n ride motorcycle.

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That is the correct spelling of the term carpool (ride sharing).

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The term "Hog" is commonly used affectionately when referring to a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harley Davidson registered the term as a trademark. The term basically means a large motorcycle.

The term for a vehicle with all-wheel drive is "four wheel drive" or 4WD. The personal offroad vehicle is a "four-wheeler" or a 4-wheeler.

I saw this term in the book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and looked into it because it was an engine part I had never heard of. It seems this is an older term for the hydraulic lifters in an engine. These are the parts that ride on the camshaft and push the intake and exhaust valves open.

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The term "one percenter" refers to an outlaw motorcycle club. The term comes from a statement made some years ago (by who, I can't recall at the moment) that only about one percent of motorcycle clubs were outlaw clubs, thus the term "one percenter" entered into our lexicon.

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If you are experiencing short-term memory loss following a motorcycle accident, you should be in the Emergency Room, not on a computer. You could have a closed head injury.

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A swing arm is a motorcycle component. It is the main part of the rear on a motorcycle as it got its name because people had to "swing" their arms to get up on the seat.

"Ride the pink pony" is a slang term for sexual intercourse.

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