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Q: What term might mean part of something larger satellite satellide satellorium satellful?
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What is satellide?

I think you meant a satellite. A satellite is something that orbits another thing - the moon is the Earth's natural satellite.

What is something that orbits something else?

A satellite.

How do you draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around earth label the forces acting on the satellite is the satellite accelerating?

You get something to draw with and something to draw on and DRAW

What is something that revolves around something else?

A satellite revolves around a planet. Planets revolve around a sun.

Something in orbit around a planet?

An artificial satellite or a moon (a natural satellite)

What is to move in an orbit of something?

A satellite

Is all satellite considered live satellite?

A "live satellite" is something that is being shown "live" from a satellite, such as images from space, or views of the Earth from a satellite in outer space. TV programs you watch on satellite is not considered "live satellite".

What do you call human-made objects orbiting earth?

An "artificial satellite" Something orbiting something else is by definition a satellite. If the satellite is man-made, it thus gains the characteristic of being artificial.

Natural and artificial satellite?

A natural satellite is something that is in orbit of another thing that was placed their by natural means; in other words accidentally. An artificial satellite is something that is in orbit of another thing that was placed their intentionally.

What do you call something that orbits the earth?

A satellite.

What is the thing that orbits something else?


What is a saterllite?

A natural satellite is an object that orbits something else. For example Luna (the moon) is a satellite of earth while earth is a satellite of the sun