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First check with your state board of education to find the test requirements. It varies from state to state. In general it depends on your college level as to which teacher certification tests you need to complete. Let's start with undergraduate students. If you wish to earn teacher certification upon completion of your undergraduate degree then first you must take the SAT or ACT. The SAT and/or the ACT are required by most colleges and universities in order to be accepted in their program. After your college courses are completed you will need to take the Praxis I exam. Typically you will take two tests. One test is multiple choice while the other may be short answer or essay. It really depends on what age level you will teach at and what subject. On the other hand you may have earned your undergraduate degree in another discipline then Education. In this situation you can earn your teaching degree through graduate studies. You will need to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to be accepted into graduate school. Some schools take the Miller Analogies test too. Check with your college or university. Upon completion of your graduate courses you will take the Praxis II exam. Teachers also have to complete continuing education every few years or so. Check your state board of education for further details.

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Q: What tests do you have to take to become a certfiied teacher?
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