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engilsh word of balikbayan we need it for class

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Q: What the English of balikbayan box?
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How many days when the balikbayan box arrived?

Depending on the carrier and destination, balikbayan boxes generally take 30-45 days to arrive in the Philippines from America's West coast. - Tim Troutman Philippine Aid Society

What is a balikbayan?

A balikbayan is a Filipino returning to the Philippines after spending time in another country.

How many balikbayan boxes in 20 ft container?


What actors and actresses appeared in Balikbayan box - 2007?

The cast of Balikbayan box - 2007 includes: Ermie Concepcion as Nana Minyang Pepito Diaz as Uncle Perry Dizon as Badong Jess Evardone as Boatswain Renante Huerte as Kuya Ilyong John Jason Lozares as Kuya Jun-Jun Emil John Dela Masa as Moymoy Berting Montano as Tata Ando Rona Montebon as Aling Mameng Lita Signa as Laundrywoman Anjie Simeon as Japayuki Cris Villanueva as Tiagong Kirat

I still didn't received the balikbayan box sent last may 2008 through fame cargo?

I would contact the agent. It should never take that long. - Tim Troutman Philippine Aid Society

We haven't seen steph on wowowee recently is she still with asf?

found a balikbayan who wants to bring her to USA

How do you say cuadro in English?


Balikbayan shippers send US to Philippines?

Balikbayan boxes are a cheap way to send cargo to the Philippines. You have to wait a little longer than UPS because it is sent via cargo ship. It usually takes 30 - 45 days to arrive in the Philippines. - Tim Troutman Philippine Aid Society

What is the Japanese word for 'of'?

の (pronounced "no") It is important to explicitly note that "no" in Japanese works in the reverse order from "of" in English. In English, you would say "box OF secrets." In Japanese you say "himitsu NO hako;" "secrets NO box." In manner of order, it acts more like an English possessive apostrophe S than English "of." i.e., "secrets' box."

What colour are English box junctions marked in?


Looking for a balikbayan shipper near in Virginia US?

LBC has an agent somewhere in Virginia. - Tim Troutman Philippine Aid Society

What is box in German?

English: "the box" is German "die Box", "die Kiste", "die Schachtel", "der Karton", "die Packung", "die Dose".