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These figures are for the 1.7DT and 1.7DTL engine,ensure from owners handbook yours is one of these.Requests like this need full engine type and year to be sure of good information.Post again if this data not relavent. You will need an angle gauge for four of the five stages of tightening. Also,head gasket is coded for thickness with one to three small holes to allow for piston protrusion,obtain same as you have. Torque (new bolts)to 39Nm + 60 degrees + 13deg + 60deg + 13deg.Work outwards from centre pair in a "racetrack" pattern. Two centre,two right,two left,two far right,two far left.

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2006-04-21 14:47:41
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Q: What the correct sequence for tightening the head bolts on a vauxhall combo 1.4 petrol engine?
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