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It is the upper part of the jaw.

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Q: What the functions of maxilla in cockroach?
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What is the functions of maxilla?

It is the upper part of the jaw.

What is the maxillary on the body?

The maxilla functions by holding the upper teeth in place in the jaw and encompasses the roof the mouth and part of the nasal cavity.

What are the landmarks of the maxilla?

i believe that the maxilla is your jawbone

How many maxilla is on a a grasshopper?

There is 43 Maxilla on a Grasshopper.

Contain aveoli bearing teeth?

Mandible (lower jaw) and maxilla (lower jaw)

What is the common for maxilla bone?

Do you mean the common 'name'? If yes, the common name for maxilla bone is jawbone.

What bone contains sockets of upper teeth?

Mandible and mAxilla

Was the maxilla bone bone located at the knee?

The maxilla is a bone of the face.

Where is the maxilla bone in the knee?

The maxilla is a facial bone, not a knee bone.

What is the function of a grasshopper's maxilla?

The maxilla is used to taste and manipulate a grasshopper's food

What are the bones that form the upper jawbone?

the upper jaw bone is called the maxilla

Why do we have a maxilla?

A maxilla is the upper part of your skull. This is attached to your mandible, which is the part below your jaw. Your maxilla never moves while your mandible does all the talking and eating and moving.