What the greatest band greenday or mcr?

Updated: 1/26/2021
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I prefer MCR, but that's just me.

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I like mcr

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Q: What the greatest band greenday or mcr?
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What type of band is greenday?

Greenday is Punk Rock

What does mcr the band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

Who are greenday?

a band from LA

What is the old bandname of greenday band before it became greenday?

Sweet children.

Who is the emo band of the world?


Did mcr change into a different band?

no, they did not

What is the difference between mcr and your chemical romance?

The band is My Chemical Romance. MCR is the abbreviation.

Is greenday band atheist?

A band cannot be atheist by definition.

Who is the best soft rock band?


Does greenday have a religion?

if you are talking about the band greenday then yes they christain at least tre cool is but why do you need to know that? p.s if its not the band everyone has the right to improve my answer

What is a good song for a beginning rock band?

Breakeven - The script Holiday - Greenday 21 Guns - Greenday

Which band is the best ever?

Not greenday that's for sure.