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It is the power house of the cell. It provides energy for the cell when it needs to move or make other organelles. it turns food into energy


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No, the mitochondria is in a animal cell. Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell.

The job of the mitochondria has in it plant cell is the same job that mitochondria have in animal cell. The mitochondria makes energy for the cell to function.

What is the function of mitochondria? Answer the mitochondria provides energy for the cell.

The mitochondria in the cell is the powerhouse for the cell it makes energy for the cell to function.

There is no exact location of mitochondria in a plant or animal cell but the more active the cell the more mitochondria in that cell.

A mitochondria gives the energy the cell needs.

The mitochondria holds the cell energy.

Eukaryotic cells have cell mitochondria.

The mitochondria of a cell are located in the cytoplasm.

The mitochondria produces energy for the cell

The Mitochondria provides energy for the cell

The mitochondria are located throughout the cell.

If there is no mitochondria in the cell of an organism then there will be no energy in the cell due to the mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell. -zoyee

The mitochondria is an essential part of cellular respiration. The cell needs the mitochondria because it forms ATP (energy) for the cell.

Mitochondria makes energy for the cell with the food its been givin. You find mitochondria in very type of cell...

Mitochondria process energy for the cell.

The mitochondria is the site of cellular respiration in a cell.

mitochondria is not known as 'kitchen of the cell'...plastids are known as 'kitchen of the cell'....mitochondria is known as 'powerhouse or energy house of the cell'.

an animals mitochondria is in its cells- a mitochondria is in a cell.

if you mean in the inside of the cell mitochondria: floating in the cytoplasm Cell membrane on the outside of the cell

The mitochondria synthesizes the proteins, made by the ribosome, in order to make energy for the cell. The mitochondria is like the power house of the cell. The mitochondria does not synthesize proteins for the cell. It is merely the power house.

The mitochondria.The part of the cell that release energy from food is call Mitochondria.Mitochondria

there are several mitochondria in a cell, all are suspended in the cytoplasm.

There is a Mitochondria in both an animal and plant cell

Yes, mitochondria is part of an animal cell.

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