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Q: What the red color of rocks and soil containing iron-rich minerals is caused by?
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Why are rocks red and yellow?

The color of rocks is determined by which minerals make up the rocks. Red minerals like iron-containing hematite would make a red colored rock and sulfur containing minerals would make yellow.

Minerals found in red soil?

The red color is caused by the presence of Iron Oxide.

What minerals are used to make the color bright green?

Mineral color is caused by the absorption, or lack of absorption, of various wavelengths of light. The minerals that are used to make the color bright green are copper, nickel and barium.

What minerals determine the color of granite?

The color and type of feldspar minerals largely determine the color of a particular granite.

Beause many minerals are similar in color and certain elements may change color color is not a Identifier?

Color is not a good identifier of minerals.

What is the color for minerals?

Minerals come in all colours.

How do rocks compared in color?

A rock's color is dependent on the minerals present and quantity of those minerals.

Why is color least useful in the id of minerals?

Because many of the minerals share the same color.

Can most minerals be identified by color alone?

no, because many of the same minerals have the same color

Why is color often an unreliable property in identifying minerals?

because many minerals are the same color, and some minerals come in many colors

What minerals make up the color orange?

the colors are red minerals and yellow minerals

Why is a minerals color not helpful for identifying minerals?

Because some minerals have either multiple colors or their color may have faded away over the years