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What things Edmund Barton did to change Australia?

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he tryed to make Australia a better place to live in yh i think dat dis is it.

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What were two significant events in Sir Edmund Barton's life Please give actual dates and years?

The significant things about Edmund Barton that he was our first prime minister and he was the youngest member of Parliament that time. He was a lawyer and a judge at the high court.

What did Edmund Barton do for Australia?

Barton did many things for Australia. For one thing, he created the Federation Arbitration Court and the High Court of Australia. He led the Australian federation to a successful conclusion. Barton in 1879 entered the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, where he served as speaker (1883-87); he was attorney general in 1889 and 1891-93. In 1891 he assumed leadership of the federation movement and, in the federal convention of that year, helped shape the draft that became the foundation for the eventual commonwealth constitution. The constitution bill passed the New South Wales assembly in 1893, and for the next four years Barton campaigned vigorously for its approval by the public. He led the federal convention of 1897-98 that drafted the final commonwealth constitution bill. Barton went to England in 1900 to guide the new constitution through Parliament, and he returned to Australia to become prime minister later that year. (He was knighted in 1902.) Never thoroughly at home in the partisan atmosphere of the new Australian Parliament, he resigned his ministry in 1903 and became a senior judge on the High Court of Australia, serving until 1920.

What lessons can you learn from Clara Barton?

the lesson you can learn from Clara Barton is that if you are shy, you can still do things you want to do and Clara Barton wanted to be a nurse, she was shy about a lot of things, but she wasn't shy about saving people's lives.

What Important Things HAs Sir Edmund Hillary Done?

Why did Sir Edmund Hillary Climb Mount Everest for ?

What has the author Dave Barton written?

Dave Barton has written: 'Witches, Britches, Rings 'n Things' 'Tom Sawyer'

What kind of things did Clara Barton learn?

the battle field

What good things did Clara Barton do?

helped soldiers in the civil war

What things did Clara Barton do to make her famous?

She was the "founder" of red cross.

Clara Barton favorite things to do?

Clara barton liked to go horse back riding and she liked to nurse he pet dog when it got hurt

Did Clara Barton have training to be a teacher?

she learned things from her brother David then after she knew how to do things she went and learned new things by herself

How many brave things did Edmund Hillary do?

he climbed mt. Everest

What are some things Clara Barton did?

Breathed. Ate. Slept. Walked. Talked.

What is sir Edmund Hillary's achievements?

well Edmund hillary has acieved many things like climbing M.T Everest and crossin the south pole

What has the author Edmund Fillingham King written?

Edmund Fillingham King has written: 'Ten thousand wonderful things' -- subject(s): Curiosities and wonders, Folklore

Why didn't Clara Barton have a husband?

she was too busy helping the war and other things.

What were some important things to Clara Barton?

There were many important things to Clara Barton. Among the most important was the need for people to help others. She displayed this by creating organizations such as the Red Cross that serves the needs of others throughout the world.

Are there things named after Edmund Kennedy?

Some of the places named after Australian explorer Edmund Kennedy are:Edmund Kennedy National Park in north Queensland, near Townsvillethe north Queensland electorate of KennedyKennedy Creek in Queensland

Why should citizens care about voting?

They should care about the voting because it helps you understand what is happening in the Australia, and if you vote you can help change different things to make Australia a better country. And if you start to learn about Australia political system now you can get a closer idea of how the government in Australia works and what is happening.

How has china made Australia different?

It gave Australia things it didn't have.

Is Australia famous for anything?

of course!! Australia is famous for alot of things.

What things in Australia that start with j?

· Joondalup is a city in western Australia

Things that start with an e in Australia?

Epping Australia is a suburb of Sydney

Has Clara Barton have any successes or failures?

Clara Barton had no failures, she was perfect in her own way and she put her mind on things, and really was extremely smart. But everyone has failures. Clara Barton had many success's, like mentioned above. She worked hard. She was just almost perfect.

What are things you wont see in Australia?


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· Yarra River is located in Victoria, Australia