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they may watch for the amount of food you eat, whether or not you make remarks about how you hate your body, and they may watch to see if they try to make you jealous by flirting with other guys

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Can you watch the OC instantly on Netflix?


Is the movie Grease on Netflix?

For watch instantly it is

Where can you watch power ranger spd on?

right now if you have netflix you can watch it instantly

I have 10.4.11 Mac OSX and safari 3.1.1 but some how Netflix watch instantly doesn't work can you help?

Netflix "Watch Instantly" requires Silverlight to be installed.

Where can i watch Stephen king's IT?

If you would like to watch this movie, go to and instantly browse and watch movies.

What site is good to instantly watch movies from your laptop?


When can you watch Big Time Rush instantly on Netflix?


Which website could you watch twilight instantly with no download?


How do you use mood watches?

Put the watch on and it will instantly detect your mood!

What website allows you to instantly watch free TV shows?


Where can you watch final fantasy advent children?

You can get it from netflix, though not instantly on your computer.

What are some good or funny family movies you can watch instantly on netflix?

What is a funny movie to watch with kids? The Spy Next Door!

When will season 6 of Doctor Who be on Netflix watch instantly?

When they air all the episodes on TV.

Why was Shirley Temple popular?

Just watch any of her movies and you'll instantly know.

When will season 7 of Doctor Who be on Netflix to watch instantly?

When it comes out on DVD. No date yet.

Where can one watch Pirates of the Caribbean online?

Someone can watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movie online by purchasing them from the Amazon movies website where they can purchase it and watch it instantly or rent it.

How can you watch movies on Netflix for free?

Go to and click on watch instantly. Then either go to Genres, New Arrivals, or Starz Play.

What is a good teen movie to watch instantly on netflix?

Keith ~ it's an amazing movie I love it (:

Why do some movies on Netflix say DVD only?

It means that you have to get it in the mail.. You can't watch it instantly.

Where can you watch Keith the movie for free without having to sign up for anything that requires having to pay?

on you can watch Keith instantly on your computer

What website can you visit to see the full movie of Hocus Pocus?

Well you can visit to watch instantly, however it costs money from a credit card and you have to install alot of things. You can also try to watch for free, but I think is no longer existing. Hope this helps!

What are good things about Netflix?

My favorite thing about Netflix is that you are able to instantly watch hundreds of movies on your computer or, if you have a Netflix device, on your television. Instead of having to go to the video store or a Redbox, I can browse Netflix for a movie or TV show to watch without ever leaving home.

Which websites can you watch any movie at any time instantly?

Try type it in your search bar.

Is project x on Netflix?

No, it is not. At least in the "watch instantly" section. It is on DVD though, which you can use Netflix to rent.

What website can you watch Malcolm in the middle?

You can watch all of the episodes, now on Netflix Watch Instantly (not free) you can also watch all of the episodes on "Amazon Instant Video" it is not free either, with Amazon Prime, each episodes are free.

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