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Feces from another dog or animal that has had worms. Usually for an outdoor animal. My Dad was raised knowing that a dog catches stomach worms by walking on the ground. The worms then enter their skin and eventually the dog starts coughing and when it does it coughs up the original worms and then swollows them. Therefore the worms enter the stomachs. Dogs typically gain worms from eating other dog's crap. This is especially true if the other dog who produced the fecal matter had worms. Dogs can also catch stomach worms by being in the same lot as another dog who has worms or in a lot that contained a dog who once had stomach worms. Worms can enter a dog via the mouth, anus, cuts, and other surfaces. Worms can live in the ground for 10 years or more. Therefore, it is important to move a dog lot far away from the original location before placing another dog in the fence lot. There is no way to get rid of worms out of the ground. Some people believe placing bleach or other cleaners or lime will get rid of them, but it doesn't.

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Q: What things does a dog eat in order to catch stomach worms?
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