World War 2

What things were rationed during world war ii?


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rubber coffee meat butter and even shoes

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It was rationed for things such as tires for military tanks, and rubber was a much-needed necessity during World War 2.

In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

gasoline, sugar, eggs, meat. As the war went on more and more things were rationed

Yes it was. Almost everything was rationed!

I just read a news article that said fish and chips were not rationed during the war

wheat was rationed, items such as bread, oats,and cereal

Milk and eggs were rationed during World War I. As a result, things like baked apples, stewed fruit, and pie were popular choices.

people rationed many things so that the military forces could get supplies. Not everything was rationed though. things like pens and paper were not rationed. people tried to eat less meat so that it could go to the military.

No, water was not a rationed food. however, things like potatoes, sugar, and meat were rationed. The government established special days such as meatless mondays and wheatless wednesdays.

some things that were rationed in WWll was milk sugar

yes during the world war 2. Sugar, butter and coffee was also rationed

Coffee was allowed during World War II in Copenhagen. It was one of the many items that was rationed in Denmark during this time. Cigarettes and gasoline were also rationed.

Coal was rationed in world war 2

Gasoline was never rationed during the 1950s. During World War II. Gasoline was rationed. Gasoline rationing stopped in the fall of 1945.

rice, cereal, pork... many things not stated here too.

sugar, oil, butter, leather, rice, and many other items.

Yes, nearly all food items were rationed. Potatoes were no exception.

yes fruit was rationed in world war 2!

To pay for militarise debt for world war 2

They rationed supplies to help the war effort.

Why do we need to get Rationed? Is there anything serious?

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