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It can't be done. Men think about what could have been, how much fun they had, and what they should have done to fix a problem. So, they will never forget totally about other women. Sorry.


Cut off his testys, make him gay, or kill him.

Answer: Jeez, man-haters. #1: Be self-confident #2 Listen to him #3 Adore him as much as he adores you. Wait #1 & #2 may not be man-haters, They may be a man like me telling you like it is. Now we don't think about what could have,should have would have. We just remember if we did or did not get the job done,and if not how how to do better next time. We only think about other women MAYBE ABOUT 6 TIMES a min. #1 has it right (cut them off ,or kill him) "IT IS THE ONLY WAY"!! Unlike the other responses to this question I will answer it with maturity (you should be very ashamed to be so silly, this poor person has a REAL problem). There is really only one way to do this, kill all other women and you will live together forever in bliss. Good Luck

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What are the release dates for Does the Woman Forget - 1915?

Does the Woman Forget - 1915 was released on: USA: 23 August 1915

How does one forget a perfect woman?

Date her sister!!. "note" there is no such thing as a perfect woman.

Three things that a pregnant woman can consume to support her developing fetus?

Food, water and vitamins.

What are the functions of the three holes in female body?

Which three holes are you asking about? A woman has a mouth for eating and drinking and other good things. She has a nose to breathe through. She has a rectum to do what we all do and she has a hole to urinate from and one to have fun with. Case closed.

Do girls like three ways?

it depends on the woman, if your particular female is intersted in trying new things then suggest it outrite. If she isn't then perhaps the best way is to ry and talk to her about it, making sure she knows your not attracted to the other woman/man more.

Is it wrong to be the other woman?

What does it matter is to live with happiness. If you aren't the other woman, another woman will be the other woman. Things on life seems to work better when it runs somewhat wrong. Very wrong is to be addicted on drugs, to think negatively, and so on... Go ahead, and be happy !

Did Noah's wife have three different races?

One was a crack head, the other was a black woman, and one being a Indian woman.

How a married woman can forget a married man?

Just go on a vaction to get a fresh start and then forget all the things that happen get it all out your head. Then if that don't work then tell it to a friend or go 2 a docter that will help u with ur problems and it will be good.

What is the title of this song she is the woman you cant forget?

pretty woman hope this helps sian aged 20

How do you save the other people after the woman in the ballroom?

Well I forget but how I found out was typing in "how do you beat S.O.S island on Poptropica! That gives you directions step by step

Can a woman forgive a man for lying?

Yes,you can,but the best is also not to forget...

How to tell a woman had a baby?

You can't. If her body has changed it can be due to over weight or other things.

What heroic things did Hercules do?

He rescued a woman from the underworld. He killed a lion, a hydra, and other monsters.

What kinds of things make a woman irresistible to a man?

Happiness. == == One of the main things is confidence!!! A few other things: looking presentable, flirting, smile...ect.

Who is the three-century woman?

the three century woman is the great grandmother Breckenridge.

Should men still do things for women?

guys should do things for girls, but girls should do things for guys too but men always want more than wat a woman would want from a man so there for a man should do more for a woman instead of being gay or not wanting a other woman

How long do women remember their last partner?

I believe this question solely depends on the woman and the man. The woman could forget the partner in a mere month, others, could be over a year. If the man is truly wonderful-who wouldwantto forget? Or if the man is a total jerk, they forget rather quickly

What is the human features of Japan?

stuff that has been made like cars, electronics, and other things that are man made cars electronics and other things that are man made or woman made

What are 3 important things that make Amelia Earhart important?

1. She was the 1st woman pilot 2. She stood up and do what no other woman would do 3. She was who she was

What is a forget you not in Kingdom Hearts?

A flower. In the graveyard. That woman I don't remember the name of has it.

What did Queen Elizabeth I contribute to?

Strong woman in society, religious freedom, and many other great things.

Why was surah falaq revealed?

Surah Falq makki was revealed when a Jewish woman cast black magic upon the Prophet which caused him to forget things easily. This surah is like a dua that protects us from the evil of black magic and other evils in this world as well such as envy and darkness

What does the raven do when the narrator asks if he will ever forget the woman he loved?

says the word "nevermore"

What are the release dates for Oprah's Lifeclass - 2011 Oprah and Iyanla Terrible Things Woman Do to Each Other 2-3?

Oprah's Lifeclass - 2011 Oprah and Iyanla Terrible Things Woman Do to Each Other 2-3 was released on: USA: 2 September 2012

What is the essence of being a woman?

In essence, it is the woman who becomes pregnant and the man who impregnates. Other than that, there are many other details about being a woman, but only that one is essential.In terms of relationships, the essence of being a woman is that you have the biological capacity to become pregnant and give birth to children. That is primarily what distinguishes women from men, who do not become pregnant, although they have the biological capacity to impregnate. Relationships also include many other things than reproduction. They include having dinner together, and ten thousand other things. But those things work pretty much the same way for both men and women.

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