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What three things can a woman do to make a guy forget about all other women?



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It can't be done. Men think about what could have been, how much fun they had, and what they should have done to fix a problem. So, they will never forget totally about other women. Sorry.


Cut off his testys, make him gay, or kill him.

Answer: Jeez, man-haters. #1: Be self-confident #2 Listen to him #3 Adore him as much as he adores you. Wait #1 & #2 may not be man-haters, They may be a man like me telling you like it is. Now we don't think about what could have,should have would have. We just remember if we did or did not get the job done,and if not how how to do better next time. We only think about other women MAYBE ABOUT 6 TIMES a min. #1 has it right (cut them off ,or kill him) "IT IS THE ONLY WAY"!! Unlike the other responses to this question I will answer it with maturity (you should be very ashamed to be so silly, this poor person has a REAL problem). There is really only one way to do this, kill all other women and you will live together forever in bliss. Good Luck