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The boy claimed he went to a movie about 11:30 pm, returning home at 3:10 am "to find his father dead and himself arrested'.

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Q: What time did the boy go to the movies in Twelve Angry Men?
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What was the defendant's alibi in the movie Twelve Angry Men?

He was at the movies.

Who the protagonist in twelve Angry men?

Juror Eight is the protagonist in Twelve Angry Men.

How do you reference 12 angry men in apa formatting?

Lumet, S., & Rose, R. (1957). Twelve angry men. Los Angeles: Orion-Nova Twelve Angry Men.

Who owns rights to twelve angry men?

Dramatic Publishing

What year does Twelve Angry Men take place?

Twelve Angry Men takes place in 1954 in a balmy New York City courtroom.

Who was chosen to serve on a jury in twelve angry men?


What was the accuser's alibi for the crucial time when the murder took place in the play twelve angry men?

In the film, 'Twelve Angry Men,' the accused's alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the murder was that he was at a movie theater, watching a double feature. Belief in his alibi was challenged when he could not remember the name of either of the films.

What acting family has members in Easy Rider Klute and Twelve Angry Men?

The Fonda's. Henry in Twelve Angry Men", Jane in "Klute" and Peter in "Easy Rider".

What is the tone of twelve angry men?


How is the law accurate in Twelve Angry Men?

The law is accurate in the movie Twelve Angry Men as it relates to finding a Defendant "Guilty beyond reasonable doubt."

What is the climax of the play twelve angry men?

The climax of 12 Angry Men is when Juror 3 says 'not guilty'

What is the setting of Twelve Angry Men?

The story is set in the jury room in New York City. It was late afternoon, and summer time.

Twelve Angry Men Themes justice and fairness will prevail if there is one just man who believes in them?

from twelve angry men justice and fairness will prevail if there is one just man who believes in them

How many women are there in the film twelve angry men?

There are no female actors listed in the IMDB listing for 12 Angry Men.

How many pages are in Twelve Angry Men?


Who had a hidden agenda in twelve angry men?


Who is the antagonist in twelve angry men?

Juror #3

How many jurors were there in Twelve angry men?


Who was the narrator of twelve angry men?

Kiefer Sutherland

What is the defendant accused of in twelve angry men?


Who is the Antagonist twelve angry men?

Juror #3

What are the release dates for The Great Defender - 1995 Twelve Angry Men 1-8?

The Great Defender - 1995 Twelve Angry Men 1-8 was released on: USA: 1995

In twelve angry men is juror 8 a hero?

yes he is.

What are the fallacies used in Twelve Angry Men Movie?


What are some quotes from juror 5 from twelve angry men?

This and that