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When it is 2 pm Pacific time, it is 5 pm Eastern Time.

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Q: What time is 2pm pacific time in eastern time?
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What is the difference between 2pm est and 2pm pst?

There are four time zones in the contiguous states of the US: Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific. So Pacific standard time is 3 time zones away from Eastern. When it is 2pm EST, it is 11AM PST, or Pacific Standard Time.

What time is it in Pacific Time Zone when it's 2PM on the East Coast?

The time in Pacific Time is 11:00 AM if it is 2:00 PM Eastern Time...

What time is 2pm pacific standard time in Eastern Africa time?

At 2 PM PST, it's 1 AM EAT.

If the time is 1pm in central time what time is that in eastern time?

It would be 2pm in Eastern Time. The four major U.S. time zones are arranged so that from east to west they are Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. Eastern is the earliest, and each zone is one hour behind the one before it. So if it is 2pm in Eastern, it's 1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, and 11am Pacific.

What time is difference between 2pm PST and 2pm CST?

Two hours. The time zones in the US are as follows: Hawaiian, Alaskan, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern. Assuming it is noon in Hawaii, it would be 2pm in Alaskan time, 3pm in Pacific time, 4pm in Mountain time, 5pm in Central time, and 6pm in Easter time.

What time is 2pm PST in east coast time?

If it is 2:00 PM in Pacific Time, it is 5:00 PM in Eastern Time.... :).

What time is 2pm eastern standard time in Pacific Standard Time?

11:00 AM, the same day

If it is 2pm in San Francisco what time is it in Paris?

If it is 2pm Pacific Time what time is it in Central time zone

What time is 2PM in eastern time?

1:00 AM

What time is 4 PM eastern in mountain time?


4.00pm eastern Time what time is it in mountain time?

2pm mountain time

If it is 9am Eastern what time is it in London England?


What time is 2pm pacific time in central time?


What is 2 pm central daylight time in the pacific daylight time?

12pm - central time is 2 hours ahead of pacific. 12pm pacific is: 1pm mountain time 2pm central time 3pm eastern time (and 10am in Hawaii and 11am in Alaska)

What is the time difference between 2pm mst and 2pm pdt?

There is no difference. If it is 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time then it is 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.... :).

If it is 2pm CST what time is it in PST?

12:00 pm in the pacific standard time

If its 2PM CST what time is it in pST?

12:00 pm in the pacific standard time

What is 3PM eastern time in central time?

3:00pm EST is 2:00pm CST.

If its 2PM CST what time is it in EST?

3PM EST = 2PM CST. Central Standard Time is one hour behind Eastern Standard Time.

What is 4 o'clock eastern time in pacific time zone?

4 O'Clock Eastern = 1 O'Clock Pacific. 4 AM Eastern = 1 AM Pacific.

If it is 2pm eastern time and 11am pacific time what time is it in south Africa?

11 am PST = 2 PM EST = 9 PM SAST 11 AM PDT = 2 PM EDT = 8 PM SAST

What is 2pm central time in eastern zone?

1:00 pm

What time is 830 eastern time in pacific?

08.30am Eastern is 05.30am Pacific

What time is PM pacific in eastern time?

10 PM Pacific Daylight Saving Time = midnight Eastern Standard Time = 1 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time10 PM Pacific Standard Time = 1 AM Eastern Standard Time = 2 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time

What is 6 30 Eastern time in Pacific time?

If it is 6:30 in Eastern Time then it is 3:30 Pacific Time...