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It will be 2100 (9pm).

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What time is 5am PST in the UK?

1pm. PST is GMT-8 while the UK is in GMT. Both observe daylight savings leaving an eight hour time difference.

What is 1pm pst in eastern time?

If it is 1pm PST it is 4pm EST

If it's 11 o'clock GMT what time is it in Pacific Time?

Pacific Standard Time is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, and GMT is 8 hours ahead of PST. So 11 PM GMT is 3 PM PST, and 11 AM GMT is 3 AM PST.

Convert 9pm PST to Philippine time?

PST is behind by 16 hours to Philippine Time 9PM PST is equivalent to the following day 1PM in Philippine Time. For example: If its 9PM Thursday in US/Canada, its already 1PM Friday in the Philippines.

What time is 8 PST in Arabic time?

Pacific Standard Time (PST) = GMT - 7:00

How many hours between GMT and PST?

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is eight hours ahead of PST (Pacific Standard Time or Pitcairn Standard Time).

If it is 18.00 PST what time is it in the UK?

18.00 PST = 02.00 GMT (the next morning)

What time is 4am PST in GMT-1?

At 4 AM PST, the time in the zones equal to GMT-1 is 11 AM EGT, 11 AM AZOT or 11 AM CVT.

What is 6PM PST in UK time?

6 pm PST = 2 am GMT = 3 am BST

What time is 9AM PST in UK?

9am PST = 5pm GMT Difference of 8 hours

What time is it in Tijuana?

GMT-8 or PST (Same time of California)

What time is 645 GMT in California?

0645 GMT = 2245 PST = 2345 PDT x

What is the time in Paris at 12 noon GMT?

Paris is one hour in front of GMT,so it would be 1pm.

Pst vs zulu time?

PST is at Zulu -8 hours. Zulu is the military reference for GMT - Greenwich Mean Time.

What standard time is Tijuana?

PST or GMT-8 (same as California)

What is the time difference between pst and Beijing?

16 hours PST {Pacific Standard Time} = GMT - 8 Greenwich, England = GMT Beijing, China = GMT + 8 2:30 PM on Thursday in the PST = 6:30 AM on Friday in Beijing. see Related Links below for a live, interactive World Time Map

What time is it in PST if it is 1400 GMT?

It will be 6am in PST (Pacific Standard Time). During the summer months it would be 7am (PDT - Pacific Daylight Time). Island is observing GMT all year round and the UK in the Winter.

What time is 1pm EDT in pacific time?

At 1 PM EDT, it's 9 AM PST and 10 AM PDT.

What is 6 PM GMT in pacific time?

10 AM PST or 11 AM PDT

If there is 6.30pm GMT then what will be time in Pakistan?

Pakistan time zone is calculated as follows: Local time (in Pakistan) = GMT + 5 HRS so: PST (Pakistan Standard Time) = 6:30 PM + 5:00 PST = 11:30 PM

Pakistan standard time in time zone is equivalent to what value of GMT?

Pakistan Standard Time (PST) is normally UTC/GMT +5 hours and UTC/GMT +6 hours with DST offset.

What time is one am us pacific time in UK time?

1 am PDT = 8 AM GMT = 9 AM BST 1 AM PST = 9 AM GMT = 10 AM BST

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