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right now at this exact time it is 4:57 pm in New Zealand

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What jobs pay the most money in New Zealand?

Hey are you waiting for a high salary job in New Zealand? Its now time to get that benefit full jobs in your hands. New zealand is now giving high salaries to the job sectors in engineering,medicinal,Auckland ,Hamilton,Information Technology etc. Improvised working technologies will feel you the difference in New Zealand jobs

What is the time now in New Zealand?

New Zealand standard time is 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. In addition, there is an hour of 'daylight saving; in the summer. The Chatham Islands are a further 45 minutes ahead of mainland New Zealand.

What year was hamilton the capital city of New Zealand?

As far as I know it never was. Kororareka (Russel) and Auckland were once capital cities now Wellington is.

What time is it in JAPAN Tokyo?

7:46 ---- in new zealand it is now 10:42

Is new zealand now or ever had an empire?

Empire is by now a obsolete term. New Zealand has never claimed an empire.

How do you say I am from New Zealand in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an English-speaking nation, so you would say "I'm home now."

What time is it in New Zealand now?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 10:59:55 PM

Where do the swindell twins live?

They were born in Hastings, New Zealand but they now currently live in Napier, New Zealand

What is the motto of Church College of New Zealand?

The motto of Church College of New Zealand is 'Build Now for Eternity'.

What time is it now in New Zealand?

As a general rule, in January: * Sydney, Australia, is 2 hours behind New Zealand * Perth, Australia, is 4 hours behind New Zealand * Tokyo, Japan, is 4 hours behind New Zealand * Johannesburg, South Africa, is 11 hours behind New Zealand * Berlin, Germany, is 12 hours behind New Zealand * London, England, is 13 hours behind New Zealand * New York, USA, is 18 hours behind New Zealand * Los Angeles, USA, is 21 hours behind New Zealand * Honolulu, Hawaii, is 23 hours behind New Zealand Note that these times will change according to Daylight Saving time within each country.

What is the first New Zealand maori to find New Zealand?

The legendary explorer Kupe is generally considered to be the first Polynesian to discover the Islands now called New Zealand.

How long does it take to fly from Samoa to new zealand?

it takes about 3.5 hours from Samoa to New Zealand and i know this because im from Samoa and now i live in New Zealand

How was New Zealand formed?

The plates it now sits on pushed a piece of land up from the sea forming New Zealand

Who were the natives in New Zealand before the Maori?

The Maori were the first people to settle the islands we now call New Zealand.

Who were the first people in New Zealand?

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. The Polynesian ancestors of the Maori were the first people on the islands now called New Zealand.The first people in New Zealand were the Maori, who migrated here from Polynesia.

What is the season in New Zealand in July?

Right now in New Zealand it is the middle of winter (July), so the season in the USA, it is opposite in New Zealand (e.g. Summer=Winter NZ)

Were Maori the first people to settle in New Zealand?

Yes, the Maori are the original inhabitants of the islands we now call New Zealand.

Were there native peoples in New Zealand before maori?

No, the Maori were the first people to settle the islands we now call New Zealand.

What country has the control of New Zealand?

Nobody. The British Empire used to have control over it, but New Zealand is now an independent country.

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