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That depends on what you mean. On the phone that is making the call, and on that person's phone bill, the call will show up at the time in the time zone from which the call was placed.

The phone of the person receiving the call, and that person's phone bill (if, for example, you pay for incoming calls on a cellphone), will show the call at the time it was received.


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The best you can do is get a lawyer who can help you during the call. There is usually a legal reason for the call to be recorded.

No you cannot, you can call another mobile phone.

You can call any phone from another phone. You can make a call to another phone as long as you have time on the phone.

not necessarily, sometimes your call is recorded if you call the police to report something.

make a call to it through another phone!

you can make a call to another phone and transfer a voice message by talking, or you can type in a text message to another phone.

If you have call forwarding you can do this. Ask your cell phone provider if this service is available.

Yes - provided he makes you aware the call is being recorded.

Use call forwarding. It allows you to forward your calls from one phone to another. Search Google for call forwarding instructions and/or companies.

Your phone call should be free if it is a local call to a house phone. Ultimately it depends on your calling plan and where your calling to. The home phone line you call should not be charged for receiving a call.

In this call forwarding, calls to a mobile phone can be forwarded to another phone including the one at office or at home.This works when the mobile does not answer the call or it is on another call. This is also convenient when the l phone battery dies and hence cannot take the call.

Another word for a friendly phone call is a chat. The inventors of the first telephones were Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell.

An international/ out of area phone call is a call that is originating in one country and having a destination in another country.

you hack into his phone to call another phone by your phone or computer

What you do is you find another phone and call your cell phone provider and ask them how to unlock your cell phone.

We would usually call it a phone box or payphone.

I would try to call from another cell phone in order to see if you can find the phone correctly.

You can check online on your Cell Phone Carrier Panel or you can call. If you want to block your ID when you call, Use *67

you can get another phone and on at home phone call the others phone number. and on that phone the home phone number should pop up. your welcome.

To record a call from a cell phone, one must download software found on websites such as recodriaphone or saveyourcall. Once a call has been made and recorded, an email with the recording is sent to the users inbox.

Typically a "house phone" (such as in the lobby of a hotel) can only call extensions within the same company or building.

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