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Most accidents happen between the hours of 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm. This is when 76% of the accidents in the USA occur.

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Q: What time of day do most traffic accidents occur?
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What time do most traffic accidents occur on weekends?

accidents usually happen at night time or in the morning they could happen at any time present and future

Where do the most school bus accidents occur?

in my opinion most accidents occur at when the school time overs,because all the little children try to cross the road by themselves an accidentally accidents occur.

What time do most drunk driving accidents occur?

any time of the day

How do accidents occur?

accidents can happen at any time and place . they are dangerous as they cause injury to people . accidents occur due to carelessness .

Can marijuana cause traffic accidents?

It is possible because marijuana delays reaction time.

What time of day drunk driving accidents usually occur?

They may happen at ANY time of day, but primarily they occur after the hours of darkness.

Does Daylight Saving Time still help reduce traffic accidents and farmers today?

New studies show that the savings due to the time shift is negligible. I don't know of any studies for accidents but most farmers i know don't like daylight savings at all.

What time of the day do most car accidents happen?

According to studies by the NHTSA, the most accidents in 2008 occured between 3pm and 9pm. However, the highest percentage of accidents (per cars on the road) occur between Midnight and 3am. For more specific information, check out

Why do cars not stop in time?

Please make your question more precise, are you referring to traffic accidents or are you referring to mechanical defects?

What is employee-accident rate?

It is the number of accidents that occur in a stated period of time divided by the [usually] the average number of employees during that time.

What are the most tragic ship accidents of all time?

There have been many tragic ship accidents that have occurred in the past. Two of the most tragic ship accidents were the Titanic and the more recent Estonia ship accident.

What time of year do most car accidents happen?

Friday night because get the most drunk

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