What time should you go to Times Square on New Year's Eve?

If you want a good spot, you should go early in the day, as early as 9-10 a.m. Some people may even stake out their spot the day before! The later you go, the further away from the "center" (where the musicians perform and the ball drops) you will be. Be warned though, once you are there, there is no leaving, not even to go to the bathroom. Security is strict - the police set up barricades and you can't save your spot. You won't be lonely though! Thousands of people gather in Times Square to ring in the New Year. Expect lots of live music, confetti and crowds.

Tip from a New Yorker: In 2011, I took the subway to Columbus Circle and got off at around 10:45 p.m. I was able to walk south to 56th Street and Broadway and was still able to see the ball drop from afar. Just something to consider if you don't want to stand in crowds all day!