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What tissue is found in a zea root?

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What type of root system is present in the Zea mays?

Fibrous root system

In which part of a root is vascular tissue found?

the inner layer ---> novanet

What is the binomial name for corn?

There are actually five recognized species of corn, all in the Zea genus:Zea diploperrenisZea perrenisZea luxuriansZea nicaraguensisZea mays

What is the root hair tissue?

the root hair tissue is the bottom part of the flower

The cortex found in the center of a dicot stem or a monocot root is made of what type of tissue?


When a root develops from a stem or leaf tissue instead of root tissue is said to be?


Who is Rafael Zea Ruano?

Rafael Zea Ruano is first cousin of Gilberto Zea Avelar and grand Child of Pedro Zea and Felipa orellana

Meristem tissue is found in what part of a plant?

in the tip of a stem or root and also as vascular cambium and intercallary meristem

Are the tissues of the stem tip primary or secondary tissues?

secondary tissue are found tip of stem and tip of root

When was Jaime Zea born?

Jaime Zea was born in 1960.

What are the various varieties of maize?

There are basically nine types, or subspecies, of maize:Flour corn - Zea mays var. amylaceaPopcorn - Zea mays var. evertaDent corn - Zea mays var. indentataFlint corn - Zea mays var. indurataSweet corn - Zea mays var. saccharataand Zea mays var. rugosaWaxy corn - Zea mays var. ceratinaAmylomaize - Zea maysPod corn - Zea mays var. tunicata Larrañaga ex A. St. Hil.Striped maize - Zea mays var. japonica

The ground tissue surrounding the vascular tissue in a root is called?


Does a Zea Mays flower have a stamen?

The tassel is the male part (stamen). It is found on the top of the plant.

Where on a plant would you find meristematic tissue?

The meristematic tissue on a plant is found at the regions of active growing points such as shoot and root apices and intercalary regions having cambial activity.

What is a corn's kingdom phylum class order family genus and species?

The order of corn is Poales. The family is Poaceae. The genus is Zea. The species is Zea mays. Sweet corn is Zea saccharata or Zea rugosa.

Where is cardiac tissue found?

Cardiac tissue is found in the heart.

What are the common names for Zea Mays?

The common name for Zea mays is corn.

When was Natalie Zea born?

Natalie Zea was born on March 17, 1975.

When did Marรญa Luisa Zea die?

María Luisa Zea died in 2002.

When was Marรญa Luisa Zea born?

María Luisa Zea was born in 1913.

What are adventitious roots?

Adventitious roots are roots that grow from the shoot tissue and not the root tissue. These roots can be present underground or above the ground. Adventitious roots are found in Angiosperms ranging from Xerophytes to Hydrophytes.

What would a group of root hair cells be called?

root hair tissue

What extends from the outer tissue part of the root of the root and helps it absorb water and nutrients?

root cap

What other tissue found in hypodermis supports the adipose tissue?

Loose connective tissue in the hypodermis supports the adipose tissue found there.

Where is connective tissue found in the body?

The connective tissue is found in the skin.