What to do about a freon leak after having freon placed and inside furnace coils continue to freeze up?

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ANSWER: Contact the manufacturer and inquire if they repair or replace the units with freon leaks. Also ask them if they can refer a repair shop near the town you live in. Quite simply, putting more freon in it will leak out and it will keep freezing up. Fix the leak. >>>> More times than not the leak is not in the coils. It could be any one of the 4 piping connections (2 on the furnace and 2 on the condenser) and if the installer did not use a single line set, any of those additional joints as well or somewhere else in the condenser. Coil leaks are rare for the most part. Usually the hardest part of leak repair is finding it.
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What causes the AC compressor to continue running and the freon to continue to circulate after the fan inside the house clicks off?

Main components of AC are compressor & fan motor. The louvers are operated by fan motor which is powered separately. When the louver is off, it doesn't affect compressor work. - Be-Cool Expert possibly a stuck contacter in the outdoor unit. or your indoor fan is overheating and shutting o ( Full Answer )

Does a freon leak keep the compressor from coming on?

Answer . \nThe short answer is yes.\nThere is a pressure control that will prevent the compressor from running and damaging it.\nThere are other reasons so it would be best to let someone who knows their way around auto air conditioners check it. \nAir conditioning systems can be very dangerous t ( Full Answer )

How do you find a freon leak on a 2000 Chevy Metro?

There are a couple of automotive A/C leak detection methods; sometimes you can find the leak by looking for oil and dirt residue on connections, hoses or on the compressor. Some shops like to charge the system up with R134a, use an electronic leak detector to locate the leak and if that doesn't pinp ( Full Answer )

Is it common for your air conditioner to leak freon?

Answer . \nHi:\n. \nThe answer to your question is simply,,,,\nNO!,,, Any well designed and installed Air Conditioning Cooling unit will not leak Refrigerant (freon) as a norm.\nOne particular and unscruplous contractor in my area was big on beefing it up to people that used him that replacing ( Full Answer )

How do you check for freon leak in 1998 jimmy?

Answer . The most common leak in GM vehicles is the AC compressor (look for dye), however it could be leaking from any component in the system, DenLorsTools.com has a good Tech Article that gives good information on how to tackle this problem, see the link in the left column or go to DenLors sit ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a freon leak in a refrigerator?

Get putty from Auto Zone or Wal Mart, Epoxy Gator and JB Weld Stick are the 2 common products to fix leaking. I came across this article, that guy used Permatex Proxy though: http://www.simonlee.net/blog/archives/918. But not sure if this kind of fixes will violate the local building code or insura ( Full Answer )

What is freon?

Freon is a coolant/refrigerant used in A/C's or refrigerators to cool the air. It is illegal in some states so check before use. California mandates R-134a as a alternative.

Can a freon leak cause side effects?

Yes it can cause you to become dizzy,light headed and sleepy from what i understand after talking to the EPA. We are having a problem with freon leaking into our home with small children present after faulty work on our central air system.

What does leaking freon look like?

Out of the MANY different types of air conditioning and freon, I can safely say many of them use oils that are brightly colored. Green, fluorescent green to be clear. And I do mean a green that will startle you in any quantity. The oil usually has a near mineral oil smell. It is very thin as oils go ( Full Answer )

How can you save freon when replacing the evaporator coil?

You can save some of it by:\nClose condenser valve to evap coil - Use guages to prevent exceeded max pressure. Run compressor to store gas in condenser.\nCut off evap return line at compresser. Replace evap.

Is a freon leak harmful to the environment?

An AC unit in our office leaked freon. In order to repair the unit, the mechnaic had to weld the unit to avoid continuous leaks going forward. The employees in the office were concerned the freon leak could be harmful to the office air/environment. Is this something we should be concerned about or o ( Full Answer )

How do you find an air conditioner freon leak?

The two basic ways are:. 1. charge the system with refrigerant containing a tracer dye, then use an ultraviolet lamp to find the dye at the leak point.. 2. use an electronic leak detector, commonly called a 'sniffer' to find the leak.. Pressures in an air conditioner can be dangerous. Working on ( Full Answer )

Is a freon leak dangerous?

Freon leaks are not dangerous. To pose any health risks, the amountof Freon would have to be more than the amount of oxygen in theroom.

What temp does freon freeze at?

Refrigerant (freon) does not freeze, at least not at any temperatures one could comprehend let alone encounter here on earth. It is used in cooling/refrigeration systems for it`s favorable boiling temperatures. If that is what you are asking, the answer would depend on a few things, such as type of ( Full Answer )

Which has lower freezing point freon 11 or freon 12?

Refrigerants do not freeze. They are used due to their favorably low boiling points, so I am going to assume that is what you are asking. The answer would be R-12 which boils at -21.6*F where R-11 boils at 74.7*F. These listed boiling points are at atmospheric pressure at sea level (0 psig/ 14.7 psi ( Full Answer )

Which has lower freezing point freon 11 or freon 22?

Refrigerants do not freeze. They are used due to their favorably low boiling points, so I am going to assume that is what you are asking. The answer would be R-22 which boils at - 62*F where R-11 boils at 74.7*F. These listed boiling points are at atmospheric pressure at sea level (0 psig/ 14.7 psia ( Full Answer )

Why does the coil freeze up going into the furnace when the ac is on?

The coil you are referring to is the evaporator, it is inside the air-handler, which also contains the heater. The evaporator freezes up when the air conditionong system is low on refrigerant. What happens, is that since the refrigerant is low, it expands more than normal which cools the evaporator ( Full Answer )

Are freon leaks harmful if they are indoors?

R22 (commonly referred to by the brand Freon) is not a toxic substance. Its main danger would be the potential for oxygen displacement just as any other gas that is heavier than air, causing symptoms of asphyxiation. Some people may be highly sensitive to environmental substances in general, and hav ( Full Answer )

Should you leave your refrigerator on if it has a freon leak?

There are two ways to answer this questionTechnically : if the leak is into the system where the pressure is low ( low side ) , leaving it on will make the remaining refrigerant last longer , where as if it is on the part of the system where the pressure is high , it will escape faster , but on the ( Full Answer )

2001 Camry checking freon with glass sight how to no leaks?

If you are trying to check the freon level by looking at the slight glass then don't, reason is that its also called an idiot glass (no disrespect) but the glass can show clear and the a/c system can be both overcharged as well as undercharged.. Its always best to use a set of a/c gauges on both th ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to find a freon leak?

There are UV leak detection kits you can purchase at all most any automotive store which have UV dyes, lights and glasses that will help you locate a leak.

Freon leak from truck ac lines okay?

No, if you are losing refrigerant you will soon not have any A/C. Also the EPA states that this is hazardous to the environment. There are many products that you can purchase from UV to find the leak to products that have sealers in them. Its best to get the leak taking care of as soon as possible, ( Full Answer )

How do you lose volume in freon other than a leak?

A leak is the only way to loose volume of the freon charge. Freon is in a sealed system and it does not get used up. If your system is tight the freon will last forever. However a restriction in the freon lines can cause the freon pressure on the low side to look like it is low but the freon is real ( Full Answer )

What makes a AC freeze up at the coils after you have clean the coils and the AC has freon?

Bottom line: Start by checking the ducts and turning up the thermostat a few degrees. If you still have problems call a pro. Reason: The most common cause of icing on the evaporator coils is insufficient air flow. Check to make sure the ducts are clear of any obstructions or debris, particularl ( Full Answer )

Can you seal a freon leak in your freezer?

The cooling coils are very small in domestic freazers. Yes it is possable to stop the leak however it may take more time, and labor cost to find the leak than it would to replace the unit outrite.

Is leaking freon from your home air conditioning dangerous?

It is advisable to call a technician to repair your air conditioning. He will solder the damaged pipe so that the freon wont leak anymore. Besides being dangerous, the lack of freon makes your air conditioner to work badly, and even stop refrigerating.

What are the dangers of breathing freon fumes inside leaking from your ac unit?

Freon is a nerve gas and will cause you to twitch over time. More immediate effects would be death by asphyxiation. Freon is heavier than air and if breathed it will settle in the bottom of your lungs and not come out. Have your Technician check your system and if he adds freon but does not fix the ( Full Answer )

Does not having freon affect the heater core?

no the freon is strictly for making cold when the a/c is being used in the summertime and what makes the heater core works when heat is needed is the coolant

Can the valves cause a freon leak?

definately, they are schrader valves just like in your tires. I've replaced many of them for leaking. Sometimes they are sold seperately, but other times they are made into the line.

Will your ac freeze with to much freon in it?

No - actually, it'll have a more opposite effect. The superheat will be low, system pressure will be high, and the result will be insufficient cooling.

Can you still fill your HVAC if freon is leaking?

Well, it can be done, but it's a bit redundant to do it before you have the leak repaired. Recharging refrigerant in an HVAC system isn't cheap, so it would make sense that you'd want to ensure that you needed it done as little as possible. Also, if the technician recharging the refrigerant detects ( Full Answer )

How do you repair the refrigerator if the freon is leak?

If the refrigerant has leaked out, then you can not do a homerepair. you need to replace all the pipework and get someone tocome in and re pressurise the system. This is a job for aprofessional.