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They sell amplifiers to boost the signal ;)

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Q: What to do about my poor radio reception when the antenna does come up?
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Poor radio reception after new windscreen fitted?

Your antenna was likely damaged or removed when the wind screen was replaced.

Repair an Antenna ?

form_title=Repair an Antenna form_header=6523 Please select why you need servicing.*= [] No reception [] Static [] Poor reception intermittently [] Poor reception on all channels [] Poor reception on some channels [] Want to receive more channels [] Want to receive more/different frequencies [] Other

What radio station is Michael Savage radio show in Portland Or?

1550AM Vancouver, WA [& Portland, OR]. Poor reception. Email program director,Dennis Glasgow. 1340AM Corvallis, OR. Poor reception.

Radio for 1999 VW beetle has poor reception although FM is ok Possible problems?

antenna is unplugged or antenna wire is damaged (you will get FM without antenna) This could be the issue, but according to VWs own Technical Bulletins, it is more likely to be one of the following: 1. Poor ground at the antenna base or radio 2. Poor Battery ground to chassis or engine 3. Poor Antenna cable connection at Radio 4. Corrosion at the antenna coaxial connectors at radio or antenna 5. An Incorrect antenna mast installed for the antenna base equipped with the vehicle. You can also check antenna connections electronically through the radio (if a factory model). - Switch radio ON - Press and hold balance button for approx. 10 seconds - 3CPT7 will appear in display (numbers may vary and are not important) - Press CD mode button - 020.1 will appar in display (software version numbers may vary) - Press CD mode button again - FERN OFF / ON will appear in display (FERN = amplified antenna) if FERN ON appears, Antenna and connections are OK if FERN OFF appears, Radio may not be coded correctly for amplified antenna - Check for proper coding of radio, see coding tabel in Tech Bulletin Group 91 number 99-09 dated Oct 25, 1999 When radio is coded according to this table FERN is operational If Radio is coded correctly and FERN OFF appears, then antenna and connections are NOT OK - Checkantenna and connections

Would it be possible to tune the radio's antenna poor reception for 2002 XG350L where is the antenna?

I believe I read somewhere that the XG350/L antenna was embedded in the windsheild. Some aftermarket head units can boost the signal quality better than the stock radio, or there are "antenna boosters" that install on the antenna cable and are 12 VDC powered. I haven't tried a separate booster, so I don't know how well, or if they work. I've had the best luck in other vehicles installing Pioneer head units with the "Super Tuner" tuners. [Revision:06/28/08] After looking through some documentation, the antenna is embedded in the rear window (not the front windshield) and there is a built-in/factory antenna booster mounted to the underside of the rear shelf (where the speakers mount.) I've seen at least one other person who had to replace the booster due to poor reception.

Antenna Repair?

form_title=Antenna Repair form_header=Lack of reception? Static? Get your antenna fixed with help from a professional antenna repair specialist. Why do you need service?*= [] No reception [] Static [] Poor reception [] Want to receive more channels [] Other Is this problem intermittent or constant?*= () Intermittent () Constant When would you like this service request to be completed?*= {Within 1 week, 1 to 2 weeks, Longer than 2 weeks, Timing is flexible} What problem(s) are you experiencing with your antenna?*= _Please Explain[100]

I have Poor AM reception 1996 Buick Regal How do can I improve it without changing the radio?

i have the same problem with my 1996 buick regal . i think it could be related to the long antenna lead , coming from the top of the rear quarter panel , all of the way to the dashboard . i tried to find a "trimmer" , to adjust , on the radio , but was unsuccessful .

Where is the radio antenna in a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe?

It's located in the back window on the drivers side - just a few wires inside of the window can be seen. It's a really poor excuse for an antenna.

Where is Tom Joyner on the radio in NYC?

Tom Joyner is an American Radio host who has his own radio show called the Tom Joyner Morning Show. It is broadcast from New York City. The show ended in 1996 due to poor reception from audiences.

Why is the tv reception from a transmitter poor in hilly areas?


Why do hilly areas often get poor TV and radio reception?

Because waves travel in straight lines, therefore if you try and bend it for going up a hill, it usually doesn't work.

Why do car speakers become fuzzy?

Car speakers can become fuzzy for several reasons, including the speaker being blow. Poor radio reception can also cause them to become fuzzy.

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