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What to do about parking light and dash lights not working when a fuse isn't blown in a 1992 ford crown Victoria?


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Possible could be just the switch. Try and find one at the scrap yard and check it out.

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The GMC dash tail and parking lights are on a different fuse from the brake lights. Check the fuses for a possible blown fuse.

Probably a blown fuse. What you need to find out is why the fuse blew.

Your parking lights may not be working due to a blown bulb or fuse. If you have checked both you may need to see a mechanic to make sure there is not any electrical problems.

The headlights work on a totally different relay than the parking and fog lights. The headlight relay or headlight fuse is usually blown when only the parking and fog lights work.

Check to see if the parking/tailights are working Could be a bad fuse, or switch Could be an open in the dimmer rheostat

1- the light switch, or 2- the wiring on the plug to the light switch from the car, or 3- a blown fuse

If a Passat 04 TDI's indicator lights are not working, check the fuse. A blown fuse can cause the lights to stop working.

Im 99% sure you have a fuse blown, its the parking lamps fuse. a fuse may be blown

Blown fuse or the lights are just blown and need replacing.

The most common reason that your dash lights and taillights are not working on your Pontiac Grand Am is blown fuses. Replace the fuses.

Check the fuse to make sure there not blown

tailight/parking/dash lights - look for blown fuse

You have got a blown fuse. These lights are all on the same circuit.

If you have multiple lights that do not work it's probably caused by an electrical problem such as one or more fuses blown or a faulty connection somewhere.

A blown fuse would cause the hazard lights not to work on the 1994 Ford F150. It could also be blown bulbs causing the lights not to work.

Burned out bulbs?Blown fuse?Bad switch?

If you brake lights are not working on your trailblazer it could be due to a number of reasons. Your fuse could be blown, or your light may no longer work.

you may have blown the computer chip that regulates your lights its usually your hazard lights button that's the chip.

Sounds like a blown fuse in the dash, no biggie, just take it in and it should be a quick fix Wiring harness has come loose, blown bulbs, or bad wire.

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