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You can have the arrested. It depends on how serious the issue is (usually meaning how much they charaged). In any case, you should immediately dispute the charges with your credit card company if you don't want to pay the bill.

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No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

if you use it without permission or stole it then you will get in deep trouble. unless they give you permission.

No, beacuse that is will be using the person's credit card without their permission. That is considered credit card fraud. need to call your credit card company and file a complaint.

If you used someone's credit card without permission then they could press charges against you, in which case you would need legal representation. If they let you use the card, then no.

Not without permission otherwise it is stealing and you are a thief.

You should not borrow a credit card. Get your own. If you are not credit worthy, then you'll need to do without one. ------------------------------------------------- Using someone elses card is by definition fraud (even with their permission). Fraud is a criminal offence. You aren't able to borrow a card because you may abuse the usage of it.

My ATM card was used at three stores totaling about $400 without my permission. The envelope was opened by someone and they used it without my knowledge until today and without my permission. What can I do? What will happen to the person who used it?

No. Major reputable credit card companies won't even activate your card until you have the device in your hand.Reputable credit card companies will NOT activate your card prior to sending the card out regardless of your permission. Activation by trustworthy credit card companies ONLY is derived after the card is mailed AND you have provided both identity and physical proof that the card should be activated.AnswerA credit card company is not allowed to activate a credit card unless they have your permission,or there are some type of term or condition that allows them to do that .Try calling the company and ask why it was activated w/o your permission, and definetely make sure that they never do it again,and make sure no other credit card company can ever do that.

No, Using someone elses card is by definition fraud (even with their permission). Fraud is a criminal offence.

Yes. Using someone's credit card is considered a felony as credit card fraud. How long you go to jail varies depending on how serious the offense is.

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You can if you used the information without their permission to obtain goods, services or monies. If that person gave you permission to use their card for a purchase you both agreed upon and they gave you all the credit card information, then that is one thing. However, if you then use that person's credit card info to purchase something else, then you have frauded the person and the credit card company. The person would have grounds to prosecute in court, and if they did not and the purchase was not paid, then also the credit card company would have grounds to prosecute. It is NEVER a good idea to give out your personal credit card info, even to someone you know, for this reason.

In most cases a card holding spouse can add the other as an "authorized user" without permission, however those types of cards are not liable for repayment of the balance, even on transactions preformed on their card. It is not legal for one spouse to add the other on any credit applications has a "co-signer" without that persons permission. However, the liability would not be in the hands of the credit card company, since if you are listed as a "co-signed" and claim you did not agree, sign-up or give you spouse permission, you risk your spouse being turned over to the States Attorneys office for consideration of Credit Card and Identify Fraud.

No. If you have the permission of the card owner to use the card in the manner they have authorized you to use it.

It is impossible to Travel to Paris, France without a Credit Card or to reserve a Hotel without a Credit Card?

Yes, if a family members uses a credit card without permission they can be punished by law. That is considered to be theft.

Ordinarily, that would be fraud, but from the credit card co. standpoint, you accept responsibility once you make a purchase on that card, in most cases. It will report good and/or bad on your credit once you begin usage. Just keep the card very secure for fraud purposes, that can get very messy if someone gets ahold of that info.

yes you can if the person has life lock (additional answer) If you use another person's credit card without that person's permission, that is theft, which is a crime for which you can go to jail.

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

yes because they gave you the approval of using there credit card its not like your stealing it

If she will not press charges, she is, in effect, giving him permission to use the card, albeit a bit after the fact. The card company will not consider it a fraudulent use if the card-holder is not serious about prosecuting the alleged thief. Sue them in small claims court in a civil lawsuit. It's totally separte from criminal.

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