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Why did w run away?

Because seven ate nine!

Can you run away from a tiger?

You can only run away from a tiger if the tiger is not hungry.

Why do cats run away when you touch them?

They run away if there scared of you. The only pet that dont usually run away when u touch them is Dogs. If you be nice and more closer to cats than they wont run away only if there not used to u or if u heart them than they will run away.

Who sings a country song that says when you want to run because I am only 6 feet away?

That Song is Six Feet Away by Cody and Chance

What word means to run away from the one you want like run away from love or happiness?


Can a teen run away?

If they want to, they absolutly WILL.

Why do preteens run away from home?

I belive they run away because they feel treated unfairly and they dont get a say in what they want. You know but ight also be that they just want attention or want to test there limits.

How do your binpets run away?

your binpet will run away if u don't care for it for a whileif u want Ur binpet to run away take away its bed an bowl then wait for about a month or sohope this helped

What can you do if someone chases you with a garden rake?

run away as quick as your forty nine legs will allow.

Does Justin Bieber want to run away?

No, he wants men to do him.

Why do squirrels run away from humans?

They want to defend themselves.

Why did Winnie Foster want to run away?

Because she was bored.

Why did Winnie want to run away in Tuck Everlasting?

Yes she wanted to run away because her mother and grandmother were treating her like a baby.

Why did Aang run away?

He did not want to become the avatar because he was afraid of the responsiblity and tried to run from it

What do you do when you runaway?

If you don't know....don't run away. Figure out why you want to run away and see if someone can help you change your situation (school counselor, friend, pastor)...then see if you still want to run away...if so, how about going to a family member's house or a friend's house?

How can you run away unseen?

you can't run away from die....... it is the same as this sorry but what will happen will happen only god know what is caming

If you run away at eighteen can you get in trouble?

No, at 18 you can move out if you want. You are emancipated.

Are you supposed to let a hamster out of its cage?

not unless you want it to run away..

Why did Sam Houston run away?

He did not want to be a clerk in his brother's store.

Is running away a crime in Virginia?

If the police want you to stop so they can arrest you and you run away, yes.

What do you do if you want to run away from home?

If you run away from home, it will be way too hard for you out there. You will have to do everything on your own. Do not do it. If you ever run away from home then you might not see your parents again your friends and family will be worried sick and you might not survive.

How do you get mesprit out of spear pillar?

first if you do not want it to run away use a move that wont let it run away and then attack it if you don't have a Pokemon that can use a move that lets the Pokemon not run away then it will run away so get a pokekech that as a map before you do it then go back to spear pillar then it will run away so stay on the map pokecetch then this pickachu face so follow it

Who is the only person who doesn't run away from the terrifying Odysseus and why didn't they run away?

Nausicaa because "Athena put courage into her heart and took away all fear from her".

Will leafpool run away again?

This is not likely, Leafpool only ran away the first time because it was the only way to be with Crowfeather, but even then she discovered that her heart truly lay with Thunderclan. It is because of this that it is unlikely that she will run away again.

Your boyfriend run away what you can do?

let him go? or do you want him back... I'm confused!