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The switch may not be functional, or may not be rest correctly. If the vehicle was in an accident, the fuel pump or wires might have been damaged. this could cause the switch to retrip.

AnswerI'm sure it is, as when i put it to wrong position the light is on all the time, if i put it into right position the light is on only when I'm starting, and the engine is cranking. Any idea what else might be causing this?
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Q: What to do on Ford Escort 1991 if Fuel CutOut light is on only when engine is cranking and fuel switch was reset and fuses checked and it still wont start?
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What is wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort if the fuel cutout light is on and it will not start even when the cutout switch is pushed?

Check the fuel pump fuse in the fuse block of the engine bay.

Your 1993 escort 1.9L died while driving now will not start engine turns over but will not fire?

if the sound of the engine cranking sounds unusual, your timing belt has snapped.

Will 91 escort engine fit in a 98 escort?

A 91 engine will not fit in a 98 Escort. The 91 engine is from a generation II Escort whereas a 98 engine is from a generationIII Escort.

Will 1.9 escort engine interchange with 2.0 escort engine?

No, they are different.

Check engine light on 95 Ford Escort?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What is cranking of diesel engine?

it means starting of diesel engine

What will cause 94 ford escort lx not to start after it has been driven it will start after the car has been sitting for a while like over night?

are you saying vehicle will not start when hot? if so, i would get battery checked if battery is old, it loses cranking amps and will not supply enough to start a hot engine

Does your 2000 Ford Escort have a noninterferance engine?

Yes, the engine in a 2000 Escort is NOT an interference engine.

Should the timing belt move while cranking the engine what does it mean when its not moving?

if the timing belt is not moving when engine is cranking,it means you have broken a cam,or a belt not keep cranking as you can damage other parts of the engine such as the valves

What makes a marine battery's terminals hot?

Amperage draw, excessive amperage draw, and or dirty & loose connections. This should be checked out if the temperature is elevated when not cranking your engine.

What is the battery size capacity for a 1994 Ford Escort LX hatchback?

BCI group size 35 ( 500 / 550 CCA , cold cranking amps ) with the 1.9 L engine

Will 2002 escort engine fit on a 1997 escort?

Yes it will. i have a 97 escort built in sept `96 and have an engine and trans from an escort built in late `02.

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