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make her jealous by getting closer to other girls!

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Q: What to do when a girl you like gets a boyfriend?
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Related questions

When does a girl get a boyfriend?

Mostly a girl gets a boyfriend at the age 13 or 15

What is a rebound boyfriend?

A rebound boyfriend is where a girl and a guy break up and the girl gose out and gets anothe rboyfriend that she dnt really like, and she acts like it be she dont mean anything that she dose so there for hes a rebound... ]

You like you friend but she has a boyfriend and she says she only likes you as a friend but gets jealous when you're with another girl?

she wants you to still be in love with her, even if she has a boyfriend.

When do you get a girl friend?

When your boyfriend gets a "special operation".

What is Peach Girl about?

a girl who is treated differently just because she is tanned but then gets a boyfriend

What does it mean if your boyfriend gets you lilies on your birthday?

he is totally into u girl

What do i do when I like a girl that has a boyfriend?

Wait until the girl and her boyfriend break up to tell her how you feel.

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

What should you do if your boyfriend only gets abusive when he has been drinking and he only pushes you is it still abuse?

Yes it is. Men shouldn't get physical with a girl like that.

What do you do if you want to kill the girl you like's boyfriend?

dont. just get in her face law down the law and see if she gets it. if she doesnt. pound her until she understands(:

What was the name of the movie when the girl gets a roomate and the roomate kills her puppy and trys to look like her and tries to sleep with her boyfriend?

Single White Female

What do you do if you like a girl and she likes you to but she has a boyfriend she likes to?

Then she has to choose you or her boyfriend.

How do you know if a girl wants to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

Well that girl probably has to like you. if she smiles when she sees you or blushes, gets shy around you, or just plainly tells you she likes you, then she likes you. If she seems to REALLY like you then you might want to ask her out.

What is a good song that explains a girl that likes a guy but the guy doesnt and then the guy gets a girlfriend and then the girl that likes him gets a boyfriend and the other guy gets jealous?

If I Were a Boy By Beyonce....I love that song:)

What if you like a girl but she have a boyfriend?

Wait till she doesn't have a boyfriend or move on

How do you get a girl to like you when she has a boyfriend?

Try an show her how cool you are compared to her boyfriend

How should a girl feel about her boyfriend?

If he is her boyfriend, hopefully, she would like him.

How do you get a girl that already has a boyfriend to like you?

Treat her better than her boyfriend does.

Your boyfriend is in Juvie for 6 months?

If you love him stick by his side and wait until he gets out...Good luck Girl! Be strong for you and your boyfriend!

What is the name of the movie where the girl makes her boyfriend gets plastic surgery?

The shape of things

How do you nicely tell a girl you dont like her?

You don't want to be TOO obvious that you don't like her, but keep your distance at a friendly limit from her and when she gets too close or gets to a conversation about asking you out, change the subject and she will eventually stop trying to et you to be her girlfriend/boyfriend.

What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than there own boyfriend?

It means that they like you more then they like there boyfriend

What do you do when a girl chooses her boyfriend over you?

get over it or just try to get her jealous. so just date another girl until the girl you want gets really jealous of the girl your dating then she will probably dump her boyfriend and ask you on a date!! good luck!

How do you get a girl you like to kiss you even if she already has a boyfriend?

If she already has a boyfriend, it is not a good idea to try to get her to kiss you. It is a much wiser decision to find a girl who does not have a boyfriend.

Can a girl still like another guy even if she has a boyfriend?

A girl can still like a boy even if she has a boyfriend. But she might not break up with her boyfriend. To tell if a girl likes you, she might smile at you alot, want to sit near you and ask her friends about you.