What to do when horse rares up?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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I'm guessing you meant 'rearing' ? if you are riding lean forward and talk to the horse calmly! dont scream as this could make it bolt. Try to make the horse walk on. DO NOT tell the horse off! it was proberly scared of something. If the horse does this repeatedly I would suggest getting its teeth, back and saddle checked. Also check your riding as you could be the one making it rear!

If you are leading the horse get out of the way!! try to keep hold of the lead rope but not to hurt youself! Walk the horse on confidently and praise him! Again the horse may of been scared of something of his back may hurt. :)

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I agree to this but you need to make sure the horse knows its okay and relax if your riding. Also if you don't take charge of the horse right away the horse might start rearing everytime you get on. You really need to take charge and if the horse tries it again don't let him, make him turn in a circle. Hope this helps!


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Q: What to do when horse rares up?
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