What to do with annoying friends?

I have a one really annoying friend and I just smile and pretend likes she's really funny. Deep down inside I really want to slap her.


don't ignore this because it'll only make you guilty and frustrated. first try to say or do something that would make them shut up. like say "why are you so hyper today?" or just say what you think they are in a nice way. don't say that he/she is annoying and distracting you because that will hurt them. another solution is find some connection or similarities between you and this person. because if you hate this dude you'll always avoid seeing them. for example, start a conversation or discuss about what you like. maybe he/she does something that you also do.

> this happened to me a lot of times so don't ignore or runaway. always be patience and that's the key to make people understand what you want to.