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What to do with stop lights are on even when car is park?


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The brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment. Park the car and pull the fuse to keep the battery from draining dead until you can get it fixed.

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if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

Shift into park or stop at lights and stalls etc could be a bad fuel filter.

Yes Most cars have a solenoid that blocks the lever from moving from park unless the brake lights are on. If the brake switch is faulty it will not come out of park.

YES, but once it gets dark you might need more than your park lights.

Check to see if stop lights are working. Shift interlock and stop lights are on (perhaps blown fuse) the same circuit. If stop lights are not working, try turning the key to the 1st position (unlock) and try to shift to neutral to start car and then you can move shift lever.

I just had this problem. It turns out there's a plastic piece on the brake that hits the Stoplight switch. If the Stoplight switch is not depress, the rear park lights (stop light) would stay on.

when i play music in my car the lights dimm i wanted to know if a capacitor would stop that problem

Reflections in the car behind when you stop at traffic lights.

Often, because there are a lot of traffic lights around...

Just Make sure that ur lights in ur car are on then make sure ur rear lights on ur car are on.Then just park ur car .If ur parking from the back ..look to ur back real well and park with space left over. That's how u park ur car at night (:

rear car lights come on as an indication to the drivers in the back that you are about to stop.

Did you check operation of stop lights? They are wired into same circuit--if fuse blown neither will work

The lights come on when you start the car. They will not come on if you have the park brake on. Once you release the park brake they will come on immediately.

If your car has daytime running lights (standard in Canada) then the only way to turn on just the parking lights is when the car is in park or neutral, the light switch is in the park light position and the parking brake is on. Then the headlights will turn off. Any other configuration means the headlights will be on. On this car, parking lights can truly only be used when parked!

Yes. There is nothing in the law that says police must have their lights on on the side of the road. Think of it as parked car, do you need lights on when you park your car on the street in front of your house? Even if you do, most states have laws that exempt emergency vehicles from such laws, ie police cars, fire trucks.

Did you you clean the car lately? try the switch on top of steering column, it is for park lights. easy to bump when cleaning car.

When you put the car in park your applying the parking break. this always happens when you place it in park unless the linkage is shot then you can't even remove it from park

Beeping or blinking lights indicate a problem within a car. In order to get the lights to stop, a person must fix the problem.

We have braklights so that the car behind us dont hit us.

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