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Hmm, two against one is never fair odds ... sounds like the boys need to be separated and tasked to do things at different times. Apparently "grounding" hasn't worked, and spanking isn't allowed anymore .

You might need to seek counseling in order to learn how to deal with these issues. It could possibly be the way the problems are being addressed - I mean that yelling back and forth gets nowhere real fast - been there, done that ... absolutely zero success.

If the teens have cell phones that you pay for, cancel their accounts NOW ... mobile phone ownership is a "privilege" not a "right".

I shudder to think what it is like living in your shoes right now ... but for heaven's sake, get professional help right away.

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Q: What to do with two teen boys who are constantly fighting with you are disrespectful and out of control and a very bad influence on younger siblings?
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