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After cryosurgery, tumors close to each other are more likely to spread or return within 20 weeks. Avoidance of further sun exposure may reduce the development of new tumors.Ê

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What is the medical term meaning Benign tumor of the peripheral nerve sheath?

A benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor is a schwannoma or neurofibroma.

What is the medical term for graded to be moderately differentiated and enclosed in a sheath of tissue?

encapsulatedGrowth enclosed in a sheath of tissue that prevents tumor cells from invading surrounding tissue.GII(tumor grade classification) the cells are moderately differentiated.

What is the prognosis for survival with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor in a dog?

The average survival time for dogs with a malignant tumor is 2 years. The closer the tumor is to the paw, better the chances of recovery.

What is a schwannoma?

A tumor, called a schwannoma, can sometimes develop from the cells of the myelin sheath. A tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue that results from the uncontrolled growth of cells

What is the medical term meaning tumor of the tendon sheath or joint capsule commonly found in the wrist?

Ganglion cyst

What is neurofibrosarcoma?

Neurofibrosarcoma, also known as peripheral nerve sheath tumor, is a malignant tumor that develops in the cells surrounding these peripheral nerves. It can sometimes arise in patients with neurofibromatosis (NF1). Neurofibrosarcoma is usually found in the arms and legs and can spread extensively along nerve tissue.

What is a cystic mass arising from tendon in the wrist?

A ganglion cyst is a swelling or tumor on a joint or tendon sheath. It can occur anywhere there is a tendon. It has been called Gideon's Disease or a Bible Cyst or a Bible Bump.

What is the difference from a hard tumor or a soft tumor?

A hard tumor is not a tumor

What is malignant tumor?

A malignant tumor is a cancerous tumor. A benign tumor is one that isn't harmful to the person that has the tumor.

What is the medical term meaning kidney tumor that occurs in children?

Wilms tumorWilms TumorWilms tumor

What is a swanoma tumor and how bad are they?

A Swanoma Tumor is a bundle of nerve cells The correct spelling is schwannoma. A schwannoma (sh-won-oma) is a tumor of the tissue covering nerves called the nerve sheath. These tumours develop from a type of cell called a Schwann cell, which gives them their name. Schwannomas are often not cancerous (benign). The commonest type of benign schwannoma is the acoustic neuroma. This can cause deafness because it grows on a nerve called the 8th cranial nerve, which controls hearing.

What part of speech is tumor?

Tumor is a noun. The x-ray showed that he has a tumor.

Is Wilms' tumor malignant?

Wilms' tumor is a type of malignant tumor

Can a tumor look cancerous or not?

where is the tumor

Can a tumor have a heartbeat?

A tumor does not have a heart.

What is a parotic tumor?

A parotic tumor is a tumor on your largest salavary gland in front of your ear.

How do maligant tumor cells differ to benige tumor cells?

That a benging tumor does not metastasize.

What is a benign brain tumor?

A benign brain tumor is a non-cancerous tumor in the brain.

What is a non benign tumor?

Its a malignant tumor.

Is cancer and tumor the same?

No, You can have a tumor that is not cancerous.

What is a glioma?

a type of tumor. Brain tumor

A tumor referred to as a green tumor?


What is a synonym for neoplasm?

TumorTumor (cancer)

Is a tumor the result of a neoplasm?

A tumor is a neoplasm.

What type of tumor is not cancerous?

benign tumor