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You should feed it KAYTEE exact all baby bird formula its really good. You can buy it at Petco and I think any other pet supply store

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How do you feed new born baby birds?

need to know what to feed newborn birds

How do birds know which baby to feed first?

Birds feed whichever baby is making the most fuss first.

Is it ok to feed birds bread?

baby birds NO, adult birds yes :)

Do adult birds toss out dead baby birds from the nest?

no they feed it to the others

Can you feed wild baby birds crushed apple?


Do birds feed from milk?

No, Baby birds feed off regurgatated food from their parents. Only mammals drink milk :)

Name something that is instinct for birds?

It is instinct for the parent bird to feed the baby birds.

How do sparrows feed their young?

they put the food in the baby birds mouth so they can feed it

Can you feed baby birds tomatoes?

No you can't feed them tomatoes because their main food are worms

What do you feed newly hatched birds?

You can feed it something called "KATEE exact" "Formulated for all baby birds" its very good I dont know how much to feed but this is something for any newly hatched birds.

What do orphaned baby birds eat?

Orphaned baby birds in the wild die. Captive birds can get help from bird keepers who feed them with droppers or bottles that have liquid food concentrates in them.

How do i carefor and feed a baby bird and what will i feed it?

It depends of how old it is. If it is a new born set it in a basket and feed it Exact/ baby birds. It is a powder that you mix with water and my baby bird loves it! Use a eye dropper to feed it though or if it is two weeks old than give it Exact/ adults. It is a chunky food that birds love.

What do birds do to have a baby?

protect it, warmth it and feed it. many birds aband there babies so best to leave them alone

Which bird feed milk to its baby?

Yes! Only a few birds feed milk to their babies. Like the pigeon.

Can you feed a baby mouse with hand rearing formula for birds?

simple, yes

What can you feed baby birds if you cant find worms?

You buy bird food.

What do you feed a baby crocodile?

A baby crocodile eats meats... almost any kind (in small chunks though). When older it is great to feed them ducks or small birds!

Why do cow birds mouth feed other cow birds?

The one they are feeding is most likely the offspring(baby) of the bird. This is the way baby birds eat when they are little and it takes a while for them to learn to eat on their own.

Can you feed baby birds bread?

Probably shouldn't with the rumors about yeast, stick with seeds, and if the bird is wild, don't feed him at all.

Do baby birds die if you tuch their egg before they hatch?

No, if you touch they baby birds egg before it hatches, its mother will smell the human touch and will not lay or feed the baby bird anymore. She will abandon it to die.

How do you raise baby birds?

It depends how old they are. You need an incubator if they are in eggs still. I've seen people feed baby birds mouth to mouth...Pretty discusting! Leave it to the mummy and daddy birds for best result

Will a mother bird feed a baby bird that is not hers?

yes because the mothers adapts to other baby's as her own baby birds

When was Feed the Birds created?

Feed the Birds was created in 1964.

What steals baby birds out of nests at night?

Owls. Even if they are birds, they sometimes feed on their own kind. Cats, if the nest is low enough on a tree.

Which birds are feed in grains?

Duck dove hawk

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